Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Exclusive Spring Specials from Bumstead's Bikes! Dont Wait!

Unbelievable!  Spring Tune Up for ONLY $39.95
We have been charging $39.95 for a basic tune up for as long as I can remember.  All of our costs have gone up over those years, but we just never thought about needing to raise our selling price.  We now realize that we just have to raise it.  But we are giving you one last chance.  Bring in every bike and tell all your neighbors to bring their bikes in during May.  No one else in all of Southern California has a $39.95 tune up, so even call your relatives in West LA and Orange County.

Save On Origin 8 Data Station 
The new computers for bicycles are super easy to program and use, and give you tons of great data.  Go wired or wireless and get even more fun per mile.  We made a great buy on these new computers and we're passing the savings on to you.  While they last:
Wired Origin 8 Data Station    MSRP  $24.99    
SPECIAL   Only $16.99
Wireless Origin 8 Data Station  MSRP  $39.99 
SPECIAL   Only $29.99   SAVE  $10.00

Mother's Day Means Nirve Beach Cruisers
Everybody's Mom will be feeling the love if they get a super cute new Nirve Beach Cruiser for Mom's day.

To make the deal, we will throw in a FREE Lift off basket on every new Nirve Beach Cruiser during May

He is a Real Booger - Our New Iguana

Sadly, our long-time shop mascot, Chunks the Iguana, was pirated while basking in the sun behind the shop one day.  Since Bumstead's wouldn't be the same without a prehistoric looking lizard hanging around the shop, we acquired a new mascot and the name is Booger.  Come in and visit Booger and see if you can tell how we decided on the name. 

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