Friday, February 28, 2014

Are YOU Addicted to Cycling? Take this Self-Test

10 Tells That You Have A Cycling Addition

1. You spend more on your bike than your car

2. Only the bottom 2/3 of your legs are tan

3. Your surgeon tells you that you need a heart valve replacement; you ask if you can choose between Presta and Schrader

4. You have more pictures of your bike than yourself

5. (Guys) You actually shave your legs to gain a bit more speed. Let's not elaborate on this one.

6. When you are forced to drive, you drive with the windows open or the AC on to simulate riding your bike.

7. There are more jerseys in your closet than dress shirts.

8. Biker chick means black spandex, not leather, and a Trek Lexa, not a Harley.

9. Protein bars start to taste better than Snickers or Twix

10. You find out early on a first date that she doesn't ride a bike; and immediately try to find ways to end the date early. 

We hope you enjoyed our list, feel free to comment and add more ways to know if you are a cycling addict!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

[REVIEW] 2014 Trek Remedy 7 27.5 - The Ultimate Trail Bike

One of Trek's First 650b/27.5 Bikes - For Less Than You Think

The Remedy is the ultimate technical trail bike. Light frame, plush suspension, and precise handling all add up to a stellar ride that goes up, down, and everywhere. The Remedy is not a newcomer to the Trek catalogue, but the 27.5 bike has been redesigned from the ground up because of the new wheel size.


Active Braking Pivot - Incredible suspension works with or without brakes being applied

DRCV - Supple small bump feel, great pedaling efficiency, seemingly bottomless travel for the big stuff

Full Floater - a shock is attached to two moving linkage points for greater response over a wide variety of terrain. It feels like more travel but it's not. It's smarter travel.

"The full floater suspension set-up offers a stable platform for pedaling and the light-weight frame combines to give the Remedy an agility that will see you scampering up the climbs with gusto. The larger wheels make easy work of technical terrain too, offering plenty of grip when you need it and rolling over roots that perhaps you have struggled with in the past." -

Evo Link - Trek's exclusive system that connects the main frame to the rear triangle with a one-piece rocker link - creating a stiffer frame for greater control with minimal weight

"Flipping the small chip/insert located at the junction of the seat stay and EVO Link gives you a little over half a degree of head angle adjustments and lowers or raises the bottom bracket by 8mm. It's interesting to note that the Remedy's head angle is actually steeper for 2014 than it was in 2013."

Drivetrain - A mix of Shimano parts come on this bike, which means you can expect a great level of quality and compatibility throughout. Specifically, the shifters and Front derailleur are Shimano Deore; rear derailleur - SLX Shadow Plus. The Crank and cassette are non-brand models, saving you a bit of money.

15QR Thru-Axle - makes steering more precise for more control, and the quick release makes wheel removal easy
Fully Integrated Head Tube - A fully integrated head tube eliminates the need for headset cups, reducing overall weight without sacrificing performance.        ---->

27.5/650b wheels - 650b is the newest MTB wheel size. It falls  between 26" and 29er, but closer to 26". It rides and behaves much like a 26" wheel, with a little more stability and speed.

Tires -
"Trek kicked their product development team into overdrive and managed to develop new Bontrager 27.5" wheels and tires for the Remedy, and both items are really top notch. The Bontrager Rhythm wheelset and XR3 tire combo is great. The tires are massive for a claimed 2.35" width and we rate their consistently grippy and fast-rolling tread pattern as one of our favorites. Other standout Bontrager items are the Evoke saddle and Rhythym grips."

"The Remedy is engaging, fun and lively ride. That's a feeling that we've always found with Trek's Remedy range, and we're glad the addition of slightly bigger wheels haven't dumbed down this playfulness at all ... the bike's abilities as a do-it-all machine are as strong as ever. As a package, this is definitely one of the most appealing trail machines on the market " -

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Invisible Bike Helmet [MUST SEE]

Obviously, bike helmets are one of the most important safety features, especially for those who ride to and from work or school, or are constantly riding in traffic.

Wearing a helmet, though, doesn't necessarily appeal to your sense of fashion, and almost definitely ruins your hair by the end of a day of riding.

Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, both Swedish industrial design students came up with an idea for an invisible helmet in 2005 while they were studying at the University of Lund.

The technology is based on airbag technology but also uses motion sensors to detect when the body is moving abnormally. In circumstances when cyclists are in an accident or begin to fall, the helmet deploys an inflatable nylon hood around the cyclists head.

"It recognizes that your body is having an abnormal movement that you can't have unless your body is positioned radically different than how it's supposed to be," Alstin says. "In a way, it's technology that has existed before, but used together in a new way.

A cold gas inflator, positioned in the helmet's back collar, pumps the hood with helium when the sensors are triggered. The helmet stays inflated for several seconds so that it can absorb the shock of multiple hits in the same accident, before releasing the gas, and slowly deflating.

"We're hoping to enter new areas of usage and develop the technology further into new applications [so we can] save people in other ways," she says. "There's a lot to be done– we're definitely not short of ideas"

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

NEWS: Trek Tests 27.5 For Downhill Racing w/ Session 650b Bike

 It's No Secret — Many Brands Have Been Seriously Testing 27.5/ 650B Wheels For Downhill Use





Trek's entry into this market is significant, as Francis Cebedo of said, "they have the budget, the racers and the R&D to truly validate this wheel size.... They also have the wheel and tire wizardry required to create components that can win at a World Cup level.... From the photos, it looks like Trek has already created the awesome Bontrager G5 tire in this new wheel size.

Instagram "leak" from Brook Macdonald last week
foreshadows Trek's Official Press Release
From Trek:

World Cup team to test performance merits of new wheel size in 2014

Trek’s World Cup downhill team, Trek World Racing, will start the season aboard a new 650b prototype version of the team-issue Session 9.9. The team is evaluating the merits of 650b wheels in World Cup downhill racing. In five quick years of competing at the World Cup level with Trek World Racing, the current Session has been ridden to 30+ podium finishes, three World Cup Overall Titles, and a World Championship; an unprecedented run for a single bike platform. With George Brannigan’s (NZL) run to the New Zealand National Championship aboard the 650b proto this past weekend, testing has gotten off to a fast start. Previously, Trek World Racing, along with the overwhelming majority of downhill pros have raced almost exclusively on 26” wheel downhill bikes.

Trek’s athlete-driven development philosophy of racing to make bikes better will be put into action as the team publicly explores the merits of the slightly larger 650b wheels in downhill. Throughout this research period, Trek will continue to offer riders around the world the 26” wheeled Session 8, 88, 9.8, 9.9, and the recently announced Park edition. According to Trek’s MTB Product Manager, John Riley “After all of the research we’ve invested in wheel size performance characteristics at Trek, we believe 26” wheels absolutely still have a place in the gravity category. We’re keen on understanding the possibilities of 650b as well, so we’re evaluating that option with some of the world’s best riders on Trek World Racing.”

Through two highly popular new product offerings over the past year, along with a significant research effort, Trek has become a leader in 650b wheel development. In 2013, the brand unveiled two new 650b wheel platforms in the technical trail category with the Remedy and Slash. “Our hope is that the new 650b Session will provide a performance advantage to our riders and continue to keep them on the podium,” continued Riley. “We also know that these athletes will test the extreme limits of the bike and provide us with invaluable feedback as we continuously evaluate and refine the Session.” The full line of Sessions will continue to be available including the Race Shop Limited Session Park, a model with shorter chainstays and reduced travel perfect for gravity park riding. Trek encourages riders to watch as the bike evolves throughout the season. The team will begin testing the prototype at this weekend’s New Zealand National Championships.

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Trek 7.7 FX is one of Trek's Top Everyday Hybrid Bikes

It has been built up to the high expectations of the discerning modern cyclist, enabling riders to get some exercise, head to work or simply travel locally in comfort. 

Trek have gone to a lot of trouble to make the upright position work, the two key features being the IsoZone insert which is an elastomer dampener at the top of the seat stays, and the Nebula Plus saddle with flexform - basically a pivot that allows the saddle to move in a slight arc along the line of the bike. These two, combined with the carbon fork and seatpost make for a comfy, road-buzz-free ride.

Shimano R770 shifters, 105 derailleurs and a Tiagra cassette make up the drivetrain, with a compact crank arrangement making it suitable for city use when you want to pick up the pace quickly to dash away from the lights and keep ahead of other cyclists. Bontrager Race Lite All-Weather Plus tires are a step above what you will find on the more affordable models in this range, integrating a Kevlar bead in order to enhance the protection of the inner tube from all the spiky objects that can quickly end your cycling fun.

The Trek 7.7 FX is comfortable and great fun to ride. Thanks to its light weight and elements of road bike geometry it's quick off the mark. The 105 controls are great and it's a nippy around town bike. It is an elegantly designed bike from a technical point of view and you will find that it is as good an excuse as any to get out and about on two wheels more often, whether you are off to work or just looking to burn off some calories.

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