Friday, June 19, 2015

How To Choose The Best Urban, City, Commuter, or Hybrid Bike For Your Needs

Here is a quick guide of Trek's collection of road bikes geared toward city riding.

For 2015, Trek has an incredible amount of different hybrid, recreational, and fitness bike options. Each bike style has it's own set of features that helps determine the best use.

Trek's Verve Line

2015 Trek Verve 1

Versatile, smooth and easy riding, the verve line of bikes can take you where you want to go.

Starting with the entry-level Verve 1, Trek places some of the most comfort oriented components onto a strong, lightweight and efficient hydroformed aluminum frame.

The Verve 1 comes with simple-to-use SRAM MRX twist shifters to guide the chain through the bike's 21 speeds (3x7). The drivetrain is fully Shimano Tourney; guaranteeing compatibility and hassle-free maintenance. Every bike in this line has a Women's Specific Geometry counterpart with awesome color schemes:

Hybrid wheels roll fast and smooth so you can go farther, and the soft, comfortable saddle has been well designed to minimize discomfort caused by the contact points where your bottom meets the saddle. The geometry of the bike itself, as well as the angles of the stem and handlebar make for a very upright riding position, perfect for shorter rides — but both you and the bike will be fine on longer rides as well.

2015 Trek Verve 2

The Verve 2 has a few upgrades from the Verve 1 without a crazy price increase. In fact, all of the bikes in this line are well under $1000.

The frame is upgraded to Alpha Gold Aluminum, and the shifters are upgraded to SRAM 3.0 and the rear derailleur is switched to a SRAM X3. These parts are inexpensive and help Trek keep costs down. Despite their low cost, however, they are durable enough for most city riders (4.3/5 stars on amazon over 20 reviews)

The real benefit of the Verve 2 is its ability to cut down on road shock using the Suntour suspension front fork and adjustable suspension seatpost. Mounted atop the seatpost is the Bontrager Boulevard Saddle which when paired with Bontrager Satellite Grips, you have yourself one comfortable bike.

2015 Trek Verve 3

For the 3rd model in the series: an upgraded Shimano Altus/Acera drivetrain swiftly and surely handles the 24 speed Shimano Cassette (8) and Suntour Crank (3).

The Verve 3 also gets bumped up in the rim and tire category; featuring Bontrager double-wall rims and Card Case Ultimate tires. Bontrager's top level of defense is the best of both worlds, combining the benefits of Hard-Case with the proven sub-tread protection of Hard-Case Lite for a tire that accelerates quicker, rolls faster, and lasts longer than competing brands. The ultimate in flat protection!

2015 Trek Verve 4

Lastly, the Trek Verve 4 has a whopping 27-speed drivetrain which is more than capable of handling practically any hill you can find. It's a Shimano Altus/Acera for front and rear derailleurs, respectively.

As far as comfort, the Verve 4 is equipped with Bontrager's Satellite Elite Gel saddle and Satellite Elite Lock-on ergonomic grips.

2015 Trek FX Line

Best of both worlds. Speed, Comfort, Versatility. This bike is perfect for fitness and more!

The 2015 Trek FX line starts at 7.0, but we are going to start with the

7.4 FX

Light, fast, and efficient, the FX 7.4 employs some of the same features as the top of the line Verve. Alpha Gold aluminum frame, internal cable routing, a huge selection of gears (3x9 27-speed) and Bontrager Satellite Plus (Isozone specific) grips.

If you want to start a serious exercise program or even if you just want to go on more bike rides, the features found on the FX can hardly be beat.

Tubeless Rims Means NO MORE Pinch Flats
  • Bontrager Nebula carbon fork
  • Shimano Acera/Deore front and rear derailleur
  • Duotrap S compatible (for bluetooth compatibility)
  • Tubeless Ready Rims
  • Blendr Stem for added user-friendliness
  • Also available with disc brakes or Tektro linear pull brakes

A quick jump to the top of the line:

2015 Trek FX 7.7

On the 7.7 you will find an all carbon frame, E2 carbon fork, a Shimano Tiagra 20 speed drivetrain, and alloy dual pivot brakes.

One of our favorite features, though, is the IsoSpeed Decoupler.

Trek engineers designed a decoupler that allows the seat tube to rotate independently from the top-tube-to-seatstay junction, increasing vertical compliance to twice that of our nearest competitor, without compromising pedaling efficiency. Result: you can ride harder, longer.

2015 Trek Crossrip Line

The previous two bikes will do very well if you are riding around town, on leisurely rides on nice roads and pavement. If you are looking for something a little more heavy duty, something that you can count on when the terrain might be a little troublesome, then may want to look at the 2015 Trek Crossrip.

The drop-bar Crossrip is quick in traffic, sure-footed when the weather or pavement gets rough, yet comfortable over the long haul.

  • Light and fast aluminum frame
  • Drop bars, rack guards and mudguard mounts
  • Lightweight Canti brake system
  • Responsive Handling

Ride-longer technology: Vibration-damping IsoZone road bar and flat-resistant Bontrager Hard-Case tires will keep you rolling all day. And the 24 speed drivetrain (Shimano Claris groupset) will make sure you have the proper gear for whatever you're facing. Plush Bontraker Evoke 1 Saddle and Gel cork tape on the grips reduce the pressure on the points where you contact the bike.

2015 Trek Crossrip Elite

Upgrades for the Elite version of this bike include a Shimano Sora drivetrain, Hayes expert mechanical disc brakes, a Bontrager Satellite Plus carbon fork with lowrider mounts, Bontrager Race Lite IsoZone Handlebar, and tubeless ready Bontrager TLR disc, 32-hole rims.

The CrossRip frame is fast enough for road rides, versatile enough for daily service. Geometry is dialed to accommodate larger tires and fenders with no toe overlap.

We hope that this short guide to Trek's 2015 city bikes has been helpful, and if you still have questions, you can give us a call or just stop by the shop to talk to one of our helpful and friendly staff.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

BRAND NEW 2016 Trek Madone - Unbelievably Fast and Incredibly Aerodynamic

Trek Soon To Launch 2016 Madone Series - Revamped, Remodeled and Ready to Race!

Why has the Madone gone full-blown aero, you ask? Because countless analyses have suggested that save for the most demanding climbs, aerodynamic drag is much more important than weight when it comes to going faster – and given that the Madone will likely continue to be Trek's premier professional race bike, going faster will be the primary goal above all else. Third-party wind tunnel tests have shown, too, that while the current Madone is better than a round-tubed bike in terms of drag, there's still a sizeable gap to dedicated aero machines.

Fully internal and convertible routing is a given, possibly with the option of smoothly capped-off ports for use with SRAM's upcoming wireless electronic group. The bike raced by Trek's Bauke Mollema shown above appears to have a one-piece, aero-shaped carbon bar and stem.

Trek has demonstrated in the past that it has no fear when it comes to adopting new or different brake standards with direct mount calipers on Emonda and Madone and the latter's decidedly controversial chainstay-mounted rear brake. While the bike Mollema is riding at the Dauphine does not have something as radical as fully hidden center-pull brakes like on the Speed Concept, the brakes are semi-integrated into the frame and fork.

And what about disc brakes? There have been lots of rumblings about the technology finally making its way into the top ranks of the sport but even if that doesn't come to pass this season or next, Trek has to at least be investigating the idea for this next-generation Madone. Shimano's new flat mount standard is likely but given the bike's use at the WorldTour circuit, don't expect thru-axles of any sort except possibly on the disc version (where mechanics would be more likely to just swap complete bikes instead of individual wheels, anyway). Mollema's bike is obviously a rim-brake version, as discs are still forbidden.

The other big change is the presence of a new version of the IsoSpeed decoupler that should smooth out the ride on the new Madone — a common complaint with aero road bikes. A promo video is running on Trek’s website along with teaser sketches of what we now know to be this Madone 9. It’s possible to make out what looks like a version of the IsoSpeed system adapted for the aero tube shapes of this new frame in those sketches.

We expect to learn more about the new Trek as the Grand D├ępart of the Le Tour approaches.

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Bumstead's Prepack Seat Bag Uses State of the Art Pelikan SMS Pack

Top Ten Things You Should Stuff in Your Pelikan SMS Bicycle Seat Bag

Start with the best seat bag ever created. Don't take our word for it. Check out the review of the Pelikan SMS Wide Mouth Wedge Bag here.   This new concept bag is being referred to as a true breakthrough. Unlike other bags, the Pelikan mounts with silicone straps that will never rip your lycra shorts, stay tight even off road, and are super fast to mount and dismount. The SMS mounting system is gentle on carbon seat posts, too.

As a tool kit, there is plenty of room for what you need and a place to store money, driver's license, and keys. Two zippers make it easier to open and close.


Here is what we recommend you put in the new Pelikan Seat Bag

Many of the following items are offered in our prepacked bag available at the shop or on Amazon for just $39.95. See details below

1. First aid - The following items take up next to no room. Three medicated bandaids in various sizes. Two or three individual hand wipes. You’ll be so glad you brought these one day.

2. Identification - Some don’t like to carry a wallet. At least bring the ID.

3. Cash - $5 can get you out of almost any jam. Debit card, too?

4. House key - Easy to forget when you’re traveling light

5. Multi-tool set - Find the right tools for your bike. Even if you can’t fix anything, maybe someone else can help if you have the tools.

6. Cell Phone - Probably no need to remind you to bring this absolute necessity. You may prefer to use a mounting system to attach to your handlebar. But it will fit nicely into most seat bags.

7. Mini pump - You may prefer to mount your pump on the frame. However, some decent hand pumps are now small enough to go into some seat bags. An alternative is a CO2 pump. In any case, having a way to pump up your tire or that of a stranded cyclist is worth a few ounces and a bit of room in your seat bag.

8. Patch Kit and tire changing tool - Don’t bother with the one if you don’t have the other. West of Kansas, due to tire eating thorns, you will need all the protection possible against flats. In the rest of the world, it is certainly nice to have a way to fix a flat when they occur. For the Western US, be sure to outfit your tires with RhinoDillos tire liners. Then take a patch kit for good measure.

9. A spare tube - This will act as stuffing in your seat bag to keep other items from rattling around. It is also great for those times when the patch kit doesn’t work or you go through multiple flats.

10.  Sun screen - Did you remember to put

sun screen on when you left the house early in

the day. Nutz! Now you have to hunt down and pay dearly for a large bottle of some brand you don’t even like. Instead, get the individual packets and put two or three in your seat bag. Or buy a small plastic bottle, and pour some of your favorite sun screen into the bottle as back up. You’ll thank me.

Now get all of this at a greatly reduced price. Over $50 worth of products for just $39.95.

The Pelikan bag alone has an MSRP of $27.50.  Tubes range from $5 to $8.00. The Mulit-tool is another $8.00. Patch kit and tire tools will add another $7.00 or more. The value is at $50 before you add in the medicated band-aids, antiseptic hand wipes, and emergency sunscreen. This set up does not include a pump.

Buy the complete Prepacked bag at Bumstead's Bicycles in Ontario, California, or buy them on Amazon.  The Amazon Bag is black with black silicone mounting straps. Pick the Link below based on inner tube size you prefer.

27 X 1" (700C X 28/32) Schraeder inner tube 

27 X 1" (700C X 28/32) Presta inner tube               

27 X 1 1/4" (700C X 35-38) Schraeder inner tube  

27 X 1 1/4" (700C X 35-38) Presta inner tube         

26 x 1.50-1.75 Schraeder inner tube                         

26 x 1.50-1.75 Presta inner tube                               

26 x 1.95-2.3 Schraeder inner tube                          

26 x 1.95-2.3 Presta inner tube                                 

29er Schraeder inner tube                                        

29er Presta inner tube                                              



6 No-Nonsense Cycling Tips From Bumsteads Bicycles

Save Time, Stress, and Maybe Even Your Life

Across the internet there are hundreds and hundreds of cycling tips for you to view and learn. The tips we brought you today aren't organized in any particular way, but they are all important things to think about. Here we go!

#1. When you are riding, don't put a "death grip" on the handlebars.

Most beginners are a little afraid of putting their hands on the drops if they are riding with drop down handlebars. It can be a little unnerving when you are riding and feel like you may lose your balance. No matter what part of the handlebar you hold on to, loosen up your grip so that you can be more in tune with the bike. If you are clamping on like a vice, it is much more likely for you to lose your balance and even fall!

#2. Ride as if you are invisible, not invincible

Ride WITH traffic (that is - going the same direction), and err on the side of caution by assuming that there isn't a single car that can see you.

It's often safer to take the whole lane, or at least ride a little bit to the left, rather than hug the right curb. Here's why:
  • Cars at intersections ahead of you can see you better if you're squarely in the road rather than on the extreme edge where you're easily overlooked.
  • Taking the lane prevents cars from passing you too closely on narrow roadways.
  • Riding a bit to the left prevents you from getting doored.

You might worry about slowing down the traffic behind you if you take the lane. But if you're on the kind of street where you've got cars blocked up behind you or constantly changing lanes to get around you, you're probably on the wrong street and should find a quieter neighborhood street.

#3. Don't Ride Without Lights

Light up.
Too obvious?  Well, if it's so obvious, then why do most night-time cyclists ride without lights? We have rear red blinkies for $15 or less.  Headlights are just as important as rear lights.  And modern headlights use LED's so the batteries last ten times longer than old-school headlights.

4. Learn How To Fuel Right

If you are doing long (50+ miles) bike rides, it is extremely important that you know how to keep yourself fueled (and refueled!!) so that you don't "Bonk." Come in today and talk with us. We can help you find the right nutrition products for you.

5. Try Lycra Shorts

Maybe you haven't tried them yet because they don't look so cool. Maybe you don't think there will be that much of a difference.

Lycra cycling shorts are specifically designed for riding bikes! They breathe better than normal clothes, and they won't chafe the insides of your legs or *ahem* other sensitive parts. More comfort? Yes please!!

6. Friends

Lastly, make some friends who are a bit more experienced than you. This tip even applies to the best of the best! There is always something to be learned and fun to be had. Bring some other people along and stay safe out there!