Monday, June 15, 2015

BRAND NEW 2016 Trek Madone - Unbelievably Fast and Incredibly Aerodynamic

Trek Soon To Launch 2016 Madone Series - Revamped, Remodeled and Ready to Race!

Why has the Madone gone full-blown aero, you ask? Because countless analyses have suggested that save for the most demanding climbs, aerodynamic drag is much more important than weight when it comes to going faster – and given that the Madone will likely continue to be Trek's premier professional race bike, going faster will be the primary goal above all else. Third-party wind tunnel tests have shown, too, that while the current Madone is better than a round-tubed bike in terms of drag, there's still a sizeable gap to dedicated aero machines.

Fully internal and convertible routing is a given, possibly with the option of smoothly capped-off ports for use with SRAM's upcoming wireless electronic group. The bike raced by Trek's Bauke Mollema shown above appears to have a one-piece, aero-shaped carbon bar and stem.

Trek has demonstrated in the past that it has no fear when it comes to adopting new or different brake standards with direct mount calipers on Emonda and Madone and the latter's decidedly controversial chainstay-mounted rear brake. While the bike Mollema is riding at the Dauphine does not have something as radical as fully hidden center-pull brakes like on the Speed Concept, the brakes are semi-integrated into the frame and fork.

And what about disc brakes? There have been lots of rumblings about the technology finally making its way into the top ranks of the sport but even if that doesn't come to pass this season or next, Trek has to at least be investigating the idea for this next-generation Madone. Shimano's new flat mount standard is likely but given the bike's use at the WorldTour circuit, don't expect thru-axles of any sort except possibly on the disc version (where mechanics would be more likely to just swap complete bikes instead of individual wheels, anyway). Mollema's bike is obviously a rim-brake version, as discs are still forbidden.

The other big change is the presence of a new version of the IsoSpeed decoupler that should smooth out the ride on the new Madone — a common complaint with aero road bikes. A promo video is running on Trek’s website along with teaser sketches of what we now know to be this Madone 9. It’s possible to make out what looks like a version of the IsoSpeed system adapted for the aero tube shapes of this new frame in those sketches.

We expect to learn more about the new Trek as the Grand D├ępart of the Le Tour approaches.

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