Thursday, April 30, 2015

2015 VeloNews Buyer's Guide: 2015 Trek Silque SLX

2015 Endurance Bike for Women that are Occasional Racers, Century Riders, and Serious Weekend Warriors

 Endurance bikes are designed to be the comfortable cousin of traditional road bikes. The bike will still be light, efficient, and powerful, but with a little more emphasis on comfort. These bikes have a slightly relaxed geometry and frames designed to be smooth and light, instead of just light. For example, compared to traditional road bikes, the handlebars on endurance bikes are closer to the level of the seat height instead of below, allowing for a more upright position, and the wheelbase is a bit longer to create a more stable ride.

The Silque's new geometry is built around a taller head tube, shorter top tube, shorter chain stays and a racier fork than the Domane, yet they still share the IsoSpeed decoupler technology and all the comfort that brings. There is no doubt the Silque firmly treads the ground between and also overlaps both race machine and comfy endurance bike genres.

The frame is beautifully made from Trek's high end OCLV 6 Series carbon and comes ready prepped for electronic gears, with ports for cable routing and internal battery position in the seat mast, perfect should you wish to upgrade later. The high-tech carbon composition gives the Silque a very different ride feel from the Domane.

Check out our video on the Trek Silque SL's Verdict:

Compliant, versatile and light; could easily hold its own in a race or head out for a full day in the hills

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

5 Awesome Trails in Southern California! You're Gonna Wanna Try These Out

How Many of These Trails Have You Been On?

Biking is the best way to get around Southern California. The weather can’t be beat, the scenery is stunning and it’s a great workout. Try one of these five bike paths this month, and you might discover a new favorite way to spend a day alone or with your family.

Huntington Beach Bike Trail

Explore two of California’s prettiest beaches and enjoy access to all the amenities, shops and restaurants offered on the piers along the Huntington Beach Bike Trail for a relaxing day trip your whole family will love. Pick the trail up in Newport Beach, where you can also rent a cruiser bike to avoid having to pack your own bike in the car. Learn more about navigating this bike trail at

Bayshore Bikeway

Get out into the fresh air while exploring San Diego on the 24-mile Bayshore Bikeway, which draws tourists from all over California. While traveling along the trail you will pass through a variety of towns like Coronado and Chula Vista as well as through wildlife preserves. The terrain of this path isn’t difficult, so your whole family can bike together. Discover more information at

Ojai Valley Trail and Ventura River Trail
The Ojai Valley Trial is around 10 miles long, starting north of Ventura in Foster Park and ends in Ojai. The Ojai Valley Trail is around 10 miles long, but you can stay on the trail as it joins the Ventura River Trail, which adds an additional six miles and takes you to the beach where you can enjoy a picnic or a swim. Find out how to best bike these two trails at

South Bay Bicycle Trail
Cars are central to life in Los Angeles, so finding a good bike trail is great incentive to make sure that you have time to enjoy pedaling outdoors. The South Bay Bicycle Trail is so picturesque that it has been featured in many TV shows and movies, traveling through iconic sights like the Venice Boardwalk. Will Rodgers State Beach is a great place to start the trail, and you can find out more information about navigating it at

Long Beach Bike Trails
If you live near Long Beach or have been interested in visiting, biking is one of the best ways to explore the area. This trail is perfect for families to bike together because of the convenient facilities that are spread throughout. You can find a map of all the bike paths at

Make plans to try one of these bike paths this month, whether you are exploring a new area or just looking to spend quality time with your family in your community.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

VeloNews Bike of The Year: 2015 Trek Emonda SLR

Brad Kaminski

TREK EMONDA -  the lightest line of production road bikes ever offered.

Bike design today seeks to separate a rider from the road. Dampers, pivots, slack geometry, and ultra-stable handling all conspire to eliminate surprise and improve predictability. And that’s wonderful — sometimes.

The Trek Emonda looks in the opposite direction, and that’s why we love it. It’s stiff — incredibly stiff — a near perfect translator of action into reaction. A flick of the wrists sends it into flawless, arcing turns; a kick of the heels into immediate forward motion. It’s not comfortable, nor is it aerodynamic. 
It is light, and it is rigid. It takes everything you can give it and asks for more, and doesn’t inhibit its rider from feeling an intimate familiarity with the surface below.

But a one-trick-pony the Emonda is not. Smart design and its component spec allow it to extend its reach far beyond the racing scene.

The Emonda’s direct-mount brakes
 are a highlight. Both the Shimano and Bontrager versions offer excellent power and modulation, even better than the best single- bolt calipers; but more important is the dramatic increase in tire clearance the new brake design allows. We’ve fit up to a 31mm tire in the Emonda.

A 31mm tire in a race bike? Absolutely.

That makes the Emonda versatile. Add a pair of burly tires and it’s as if you’ve hit an adventure switch; the Emonda is instantly transformed from a rigid racer to a proficient explorer. The comfort gained from a set of big tires run at lower pressure is far greater than anything that can be designed into
the frame itself. In short, the Emonda with 30mm tires is far more comfortable than something such as Trek’s own Domane with 25mm tires.

The Emonda is a racer; of that there is no doubt. But unlike most of its ilk, it is still capable of taking a step back, dipping its toes into a wider, rougher world. For that, it’s our 2015 Bike of the Year.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Trek Tech: Decouplers for Hardtail Mountain Bikes?

Spotted: Trek hardtail with decoupled rear end

"Trek Factory Racing mountain bike racers were spotted on a new bike this weekend at round three of the USA Cycling US Cup. They were racing a new hardtail from Trek equipped with the brand’s IsoSpeed decoupler system. Male team riders as well as Rebecca Henderson, winner of Sunday’s short track were spotted aboard the frame.

Not much is known about the new frame, besides that it’s using a version of Trek’s IsoSpeed decoupler, a system that was first unveiled on Trek’s endurance road bike, the Domane, and then on its carbon cyclocross frame, the Boone. Based on the photos, it’s hard to tell if the new system is using a Boost 148 rear hub, but with Trek spearheading the new standard, it would be easy to assume as much.

The IsoSpeed decoupler is essentially a pivot — but don’t let Trek hear you call it that — that allows the seat tube to move independently of the top tube. A sealed bearing keeps the seat tube and top tube in contact, and the movement — at least on the Domane and the Boone frames — is quite small, taking out small bump vibrations. The IsoSpeed decoupler on this frame is likely a beefed-up version that could offer a significant increase in comfort for hardtail riders.

Trek’s Travis Ott had little to say about the new bike, seemingly copying and pasting a a reply he’s used many times with the media. “Trek’s athletes are actively involved in helping Trek build better bikes by racing and evaluating new ideas in various stages of resolution. We will acknowledge and inform media, dealers and consumers of a new bike when it is ready.”

With so many of its top athletes already racing painted frames, one can imagine the new frame will be launched this season, maybe sooner, rather than later."

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

2015 Trek 7.2 FX VIDEO REVIEW| Bumsteads Bicycles

There Are Many Reasons Why The 2015 Trek 7.2 FX Is So Popular — Find Out Why In This Video!

FX is fitness simplified. It offers a best-of-both-worlds combination of road bike speed and city bike comfort and versatility. It’s a perfect fitness bike, and so much more.

Upgrades from 7.1 FX
  • Bontrager Hard-Case Lite tires
  • Shimano M131 crank
  • Shimano Altus/Acera 24-speed drivetrain
  • Bontrager alloy handlebar
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Friday, April 3, 2015

29, 27.5, 26 - Which is Best?

Trek has over 15 years of wheel size development experience, more than anyone else in the industry. 

The current debate in the mountain bike industry is between the 29er and 27.5.
Which one is best?

As a pioneer in wheel sizes, Trek thought they would help simplify the conversation.

For cross country riding, where speed is the goal, bigger wheels are faster, having a lower rolling resistance and preserving momentum better than smaller wheels. This is why you see most XC pros on 29ers. So get on the biggest wheels that fit.

For smaller riders challenged to fit comfortably on a 29er, go to the next biggest wheel: 27.5".

For trail riding, it's all about choosing a wheelsize that will match your riding style. If you want a confidence inspiring ride and are more likely to roll over an obstacle than jump it. If you want a playful ride, go for the 27.5. It's smaller wheels are easier to loft in the air and allow you to rapidly change directions. So if you are more likely to jump over an obstacle than roll over it, go with 27.5.

Remember, wheelsize is just one variable in the overall bike package. Regardless of what wheelsize you choose Trek has the best overall bike package. 

And when it comes to bikes, Bumstead's Bicycles has you covered.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Trek High-Viz Gear Keeps You Safe and Looks Cool Too!

For as long as people have taken cycling seriously, there's been a division between performance cyclists and everyone else—with a dividing line painted in visibility yellow.

Visibility yellow has long been dismissed by performance cyclists as the banner color of the socks-and-sandals set. Now the much-maligned shade has begun to assert itself as a performance asset in its own right. Bontrager's lead shoe designer walks us through visibility's transformation from last year's closeout to this season's must-have.

Designer Josh Martin explains: "Before, if you wanted to communicate performance, you had three choices: white, black, or red. Riders had to make a choice between riding safely and being core."

High viz yellow has enjoyed a long and successful run on lower-end racks and shelves...but the fit was relaxed and the materials common, better suited to casual cycling and commutes than to training runs or competitive rides.

Not anymore, says Martin. Why the change? "First, the style cycle swung back around to neon shades. Then materials manufacturers took notice, and started producing their high-end materials in high viz colors." As a result, he says, "We don't have to compromise anymore. We can offer full-on performance with the safety of high visibility."

Take the new Bontrager XXX shoe, made reflective by a 3M material heat-transferred to the shoe. That process debuted on the feet of US sprinter Michael Johnson at the 1996 Summer Games, but XXX is its first application in the cycling industry.

The high viz revolution extends beyond shoes. In 2014, Bontrager released its first full collection of visibility yellow performance wear. It's no longer "safety first" vs. "performance first." These days they're both priority #1, and everybody wins.

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