Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Trek High-Viz Gear Keeps You Safe and Looks Cool Too!

For as long as people have taken cycling seriously, there's been a division between performance cyclists and everyone else—with a dividing line painted in visibility yellow.

Visibility yellow has long been dismissed by performance cyclists as the banner color of the socks-and-sandals set. Now the much-maligned shade has begun to assert itself as a performance asset in its own right. Bontrager's lead shoe designer walks us through visibility's transformation from last year's closeout to this season's must-have.

Designer Josh Martin explains: "Before, if you wanted to communicate performance, you had three choices: white, black, or red. Riders had to make a choice between riding safely and being core."

High viz yellow has enjoyed a long and successful run on lower-end racks and shelves...but the fit was relaxed and the materials common, better suited to casual cycling and commutes than to training runs or competitive rides.

Not anymore, says Martin. Why the change? "First, the style cycle swung back around to neon shades. Then materials manufacturers took notice, and started producing their high-end materials in high viz colors." As a result, he says, "We don't have to compromise anymore. We can offer full-on performance with the safety of high visibility."

Take the new Bontrager XXX shoe, made reflective by a 3M material heat-transferred to the shoe. That process debuted on the feet of US sprinter Michael Johnson at the 1996 Summer Games, but XXX is its first application in the cycling industry.

The high viz revolution extends beyond shoes. In 2014, Bontrager released its first full collection of visibility yellow performance wear. It's no longer "safety first" vs. "performance first." These days they're both priority #1, and everybody wins.

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