Monday, December 30, 2013

[Review] The 2014 Trek 8.4 DS Can Do It All!

2014 Trek 8.4 DS - Everything You Could Ever Want In A Single Bike

Many first time bike buyers and people getting back into the sport have trouble deciding between all the options available to them. Some may want a bike that is extra comfortable so they can enjoy their rides to the fullest. Others may want to get a bike that is light and efficient so they can ride back and

That's the beauty of a Dual Sport Bike. Not only is the 2014 Trek DS 8.4 light and strong, it's got a load of great features for the versatile cyclist.

First and foremost is:


Trek has constructed their 8.4 DS to be one of the most comfortable rides you will get on a multi-purpose bike. They have focused in on the two areas that are most likely to feel the bumps of the road and the fatigue of the ride: your hands, and your rear end.

• Saddle — The highly versatile Evoke saddle is packed with features engineered especially for the demands of off-road riding. It's edges have been made more durable, its nose made wider (for comfort on more technical terrain), and Off-Road-specific Zone Density foam padding gives proper supportive cushioning. It's gender specific Contour Relief Zone offers extra soft tissue relief.

Don't count it out as a road saddle, though! The Evoke's light weight and Posture Specific Design make it a great choice for road riders who prefer a more upright stance.
forth to work. Still others may want to ride around town and occasionally ride a local trail. There are bikes that will fit all of these categories perfectly, and perhaps one of those is something you'd like.
• Handlebars/Grips —On this model, Trek included ergonomic Bontrager Satellite Elite grips. They take your hand shape into account for more comfort and greater control over the bike. The handlebar and stem are oversized to increase durability and control as well.

Front Suspension — Unlike the 8.1 DS which has suspension built directly into the frame, the 2014 8.4 DS comes with a SR Suntour NRX front suspension fork, giving you 63mm of travel and preload adjustable lockout. That means you can switch from full suspension; allowing you to easily pass over bumps or curbs in the road, or no suspension; giving you the greatest amount of power transfer and stiffening your front end for climbs and straightaways.

Quality Parts and Construction

•Frame — Gary Fisher style Aluminum frame using a lighter, sportier version of their Alpha Gold Aluminum frame.

• Hydraulic Disc Brakes — This is one of the best features of a Dual Sport Bike. 160mm rotors provide excellent braking power in all conditions — even rainy or muddy! They operate better than mechanical style brakes, and are easier to adjust. The hydraulic discs on this bike are manufactured by Haynes, their Dyno model.

• Drivetrain — The 2014 8.4 DS sees a few upgrades from the 8.3 DS. It gets a Shimano Alivio Crank and a Shimano Deore Rear Derailleur. The front shifters also get upgraded from Acera to Alivio 9-speed for a total of 27 gears.

• Tires — The bike comes specced with Bontrager LT3 700x38c tires, but the frame has plenty of clearance allowing you to swap for beefier (29x1.8") MTB tire without fenders. You can also mount panniers or racks easily.

All of these features can be said to make this bike the best for a variety of terrain. If you want a light bike that offers a smooth, strong ride. What else would you expect from one of the world's premier Bike manufacturers?

Monday, December 9, 2013

[PHOTOS] 2014 Trek Domane 6.2 - Blistering Speed, Incredible Comfort, Amazing Stability

Don't Endure. Conquer With The 2014 Trek Domane 6.2!

Every year, Trek outdoes themselves in every category. The road category is no exception. Trek shows no sign of slowing, and they don't want you to show any signs of slowing either. Let's take a look at the features of the 2014 Trek Domane 6.2.

FIRST: It's worth mentioning that you can customize this bike to your hearts content using Trek's Project One bike building program.

And now, on to the bike itself. Trek points out very clearly on their website that this is the WORLDS best endurance bike. How can they make this claim?

IsoSpeed Technology

The IsoSpeed Decoupler isolates the seat tube from the rest of the frameset, DOUBLING compliance and smoothness with ZERO performance drawbacks.

The IsoSpeed Fork is a one-two punch: 30% more stiffness dramatically improves handling, and the additional compliance from the ride-tuned sweep makes for a smoother ride.

Frame Composition Geometry

• OCLV Carbon (Optimum Compaction, Low Void) manufacturing process, enabling Trek to produce carbon bikes with consistency and quality previously thought impossible.  Each level of OCLV offers the best ride for the money, thanks to an optimal balance of areal weight, stiffness, and compliance. The 600 Series featured on this bike is made of advanced aerospace materials using weight-saving, performance-enhancing technology to achieve the best frame weight/stiffness combinations in the industry.

• As it should be, Trek has developed the world's most comfortable racing geometry. This is the most advanced endurance racing bike after all. They still kept a "racy" feel in the bike, but extended the height of the head tube slightly so you will be more balanced over the bike and greater comfort for your back. Trek has considered every frame construction and fit detail over more than two years to arrive at the perfect balance of speed, stability, and smoothness.

Drivetrain and Other Features

• Obviously we could go on and on about Shimano Ultegra Groupset, but we'd rather talk about how awesome it is to be able to run an integrated electronic drivetrain. "Specific cable stops and proprietary seat tube battery mount or bottom bracket mount allow for a perfect interface with industry-leading electronic drivetrain systems without a single zip tie or strip of tape" These cable connecters are 7mm wide instead of the standard 4mm, though Trek includes specific adapters for both, so you don't need electrical tape. Plus, it makes for a sweet, clean look on the ouside of the bike and keeps your cables out of your way.

• The Ride Tuned seatmast is the lightest, most comfortable solution for day-in, day-out performance and comfort. The no-cut design eliminates traditional seatpost clamping forces, so we can use less material at the seat tube junction, resulting in a lighter frame. Most seatmast systems have to be cut leaving little or no room for adjustablity. This design has more that 10cm of adjustment, making it the most adjustable system on the market.


• Trek is concerned about your comfort as well: that's why they placed a Bontrager Race Lite IsoSpeed handlebar to complete this bike. Vibration from rough roads can cause numbness, fatigue, or even loss of control. The integrated IsoZone handlebar pads reduce vibration displacement by 20% while keeping the same ergonomic profile. You get comfort and confident control, with less additional weight than add-on solutions like gel padding or double wrapped tape. The actual bar is ergonomically designed with a compact, shorter drop, a variable radius for a defined braking position, and a flared outer bend for greater control while in the drops.

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