Friday, January 29, 2016

7 Awesome Tips To Help You Ride Better

When You Want To Improve, Where Do You Start?

The Basics.

Here are 7 tips to help you become a better cyclist.

1. Buy the right bike for you

Carbon fiber? Aluminum? Race geometry? Comfort oriented?

These are just a few of the many options that you must choose from when selecting a bike. Plus, bikes aren't just one-size-fits-all. It's important to know what you want from your cycling experience to choose the best bike for those needs. Are you commuting? Starting an exercise program? Do you want to try racing bicycles?

Here's a cool video we did if you are thinking about buying a mountain bike  ---->

Come in to Bumstead's Bicycles today and we can help you find a bike that does exactly what you want it to do!

2. Ride intervals to get faster and fitter

Try an interval structure like this (from

Interval Workout 1: Build Endurance

Go the distance with this workout, which builds aerobic endurance with long intervals performed at well below lactate threshold (6–7 on a 1–10 intensity scale). Spin easily for 5–10 minutes to warm up, then shift into a larger gear (try big ring in front and middle of the cog set in the back) and pedal at a slow cadence (70–75 rpm). Go for two 15-minute intervals broken by seven minutes of easy spinning recovery. Cool down with 5–10 minutes of easy spinning.

Interval Workout 2: Increase Lactate Threshold

Quash lactic acid buildup with this workout, performed at or slightly below lactate threshold (roughly a 7–8 on a 1–10 intensity scale). Use a heartrate monitor or power meter to keep yourself honest, or just listen to your breath: Labored but deep and controlled breathing is perfect. Start with an easy 5- or 10-minute warmup spin, then do three eight-minute intervals separated by four minutes of recovery spinning. As your work capacity increases, you can increase the duration of the intervals to as much as 20 minutes with 10 minutes recovery. Cool down with 5-10 minutes of easy spinning.

3. Set some goals

Some people feel a little embarrassed about jotting down what they want to achieve, as it may seem a tad serious. But it’s extremely useful. It shows that you want to take your cycling seriously, you want to become fitter, and most importantly, you want to enjoy it more. Putting something in your diary makes it much more likely to happen and research even states that those who set goals are more likely to stick to what they set out to do.

Having a plan like this doesn’t mean you’re a geek — it’s there to help. And the quicker your goals and stepping stones are identified, the quicker you can go about them.

4. Wear the right clothes

You will feel so much more comfortable wearing the right clothes. And tight-fitting bibs and jerseys reduce drag!

5. Fuel properly

Sports nutrition doesn’t have to mean eating expensive supplements; bananas, cereal bars and jam sandwiches all contain lots of easily absorbed carbohydrates, are convenient to carry and easy to eat.

6. Work on Climbing

Climbing is a big aspect of riding. Intervals will help you be able to pace yourself when on an incline, but the best way to get better at climbing is to get out there and climb!

7. Ride in a group

Riding in a group teaches you road etiquette, and makes the whole process even more fun! Why are you still reading this? Go outside and ride your bike!!

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Long-Travel Trail Bike and Nimble XC Bike - 2016 Trek Fuel EX 8 27.5

2016 Trek Fuel EX 8 27.5 VIDEO REVIEW
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The world's best-loved mountain bike keeps getting better. Fuel EX continues to set the bar for full suspension trail bike versatility, bringing race-day tech to all-day adventure.

Want a rugged, capable long-travel trail bike, and a nimble XC bike? Get both with Fuel EX. Whether it's your millionth mile on the trail or your first, you'll love this bike. - Trek Bicycles

Lloyd shows off his newest bike in this quick review of the 2016 Trek Fuel EX 8 27.5.

We recently discussed the 2016 Trek Fuel EX 8 in this blog post. Check it out!

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

And The Winner Is — Trek! Best Superbike of The Year

The Winner of the Superbike of the Year Title is the Trek Madone 9 Series. 

This bike boasts an astonishing amount of technology, including Trek’s IsoSpeed decoupler which allows the saddle to move a little more than usual to add comfort to the ride.

Most of its features, though, are aimed at aerodynamic efficiency. Trek claims that this is the fastest aero bike out there (of course it does!).

Frame tubes, fork legs and the seatmast are made to Kammtail profiles, as is the top section of the Madone XXX integrated bar/stem. The direct-mount centre-pull front brake is integrated into the fork with the top of the calliper hidden within the head tube. There's not enough space in there for the calliper to move when the fork is turned so Trek has developed what it calls 'Vector Wings' – small flaps that flip up to allow the movement.

The Madone feels quick and responsive as soon as you climb aboard and fire your legs into action, shooting up to speed quickly and maintaining that speed beautifully. Climbing feels great on this bike, and descending is a real buzz.

Overall, the Madone behaves superbly, the best feature being that its high level of comfort keeps you feeling fresher and up for the fight that much longer.

Anyone familiar with the Trek Madone will know there have always been a lot of 'em; it's practically a range in its own right. So far, the new Madone is only available as a 9 Series, but there are four models: the 9.2, the 9.5, the 9.9, and the Race Shop Limited - the differences being spec and the type of carbon used in the lay-up.

The 9 Series is available in a choice of two different geometries: H1 and H2. Both are race oriented, the H1 offering a position that's being just that bit more low and stretched than the H2.

Oh, and on top of all that you can have a Project One version, which gives you the option to custom spec your fit, component choice and your paint job. 

The bike we tested was the Race Shop version with a Project One custom paint job, so the top of the tree.

This is a stunningly good bike that offers a fabulous mix of speed and comfort, and it’s the clear winner of our Superbike of the Year.

Why it wins
An incredible amount of clever technology produces a super-fast bike that’s also very comfortable

- article from

From another Review:

"As cyclists we get used to having hyperbole thrown our way by bike brands releasing what are actually pretty ordinary bikes, but the Madone 9 Series backs up Trek's claims with a fabulous performance out on the road. This is a bike that's genuinely very different from the norm – and not just different for the sake of being different. The technology on display here contributes to a bike that's very fast and very comfortable.


Stunningly good bike that offers a fabulous mix of speed and comfort"

- Mat Brett

Come in to Bumsteads Bicycles today to take a test ride of your favorite Trek bike, from the Madone to the Domane to the Emonda.

We'd love to help you find the bike of your dreams!

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Monday, January 11, 2016

'Unbreakable' World Record BROKEN by 52 Year Old Cyclist

Kurt Searvogel Breaks The Year Mileage Record on a Bicycle

Since 1939, the Highest Annual Mileage Record has been held by an Englishman named Tommy Godwin, who, when he was in his 20s, rode his bicycle 75,065 miles over the course of a single year. It's an achievement many said would never be surpassed.

“[The Record is] 75 years old and supposedly an unbreakable record, so I’m gonna prove them wrong,” Searvogel said during a short break before he set off for the last handful of miles in his journey.

Searvogel, a 52 year old software engineer started riding in Florida, with such a rapid pace that many believed he would burn out quickly. Amazingly, he often averaged over 20 mph for more than 12 hours at a time. In the spring, he rode back toward his home of Little Rock, Arkansas, and then migrated to Wisconsin, where he was born, during the summer. 

His 365-day expedition was tracked and certified by the UltraMarathon Cycling Association. He began last January at an annual long-distance ride in Jupiter, but the record fell at Flatwoods Park. Searvogel rode in eight states, had two collisions with cars, got married, and burned about 4 million calories.

On many of those rides, Searvogel was joined by local cyclists that had been following him on Strava, a social media site for endurance athletes.

By the end of the day Monday, he had ridden 75,117 miles. That's an average of 200 miles perday and between 12 and 14 hours a day in the saddle.

That's three times around the earth, or Miami to Jacksonville 217 times, or Miami to Seattle, Washington 22 times.

Now that Searvogel has broken the record, he said he’s on to do something different.

“This is it,” he said. “This is enough. I’ve wasted one year of my life. I think I should go back to doing something different.”

Searvogel hopes his ride inspires other people to dream big, and to work to pursue those dreams.

“You can do anything you want to do,” he said. “That’s pretty much it. You decide you want to do it, you just go do it. If you believe you can do it, you can do it.”

At Bumstead's Bicycles: We believe you can do it too. Come in today to take a test ride of your favorite bike, to see something new, or to stock up on all things cycling!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

27.5 or 29er - Which Is Better And Why?

One of the biggest controversies in mountain biking today is "Do I ride 27.5"(650b) or 29er?"

Lloyd got a few rides on his brand new Fuel EX 8 27.5, and in this video he tells you all about his thoughts and experience, as well as some of the science of which wheel size is best.

27.5" - Very fast, nimble, accelerates quickly and brakes efficiently

29" - Rolls over rocky, rutted terrain better. Better traction on technical climbs

Each of the wheel sizes has value, it really depends on the terrain and your technical ability as to which is the right bike for you.

Check out the rest of our YouTube channel to see bike and product reviews, how-to's and more!

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