Tuesday, April 26, 2016

2017 Trek Crossrip Available SOON - Check out the features!

Meet the All-New Crossrip

Workday commute to weekend adventure

The drop-bar CrossRip is surefooted when roads get rough, quick in traffic, and comfortable over the long haul. Commuter? Gravel grinder? CafĂ© racer? Yes. CrossRip pairs the efficiency of a road bike with the go-anywhere durability of something more. It’s the one bike that takes you from your workday commute right into your weekend adventure.

The 2017 CrossRip gets an all-new geometry. Top tube lengths are slightly shorter, making the CrossRip even more agile and easier to fit. Each has a high spec to price ratio and an easy-to-understand value proposition.

Any Road Versatility

Whether you're riding to the office on a paved trail or away from it all on a gravel road, CrossRip will carry you there fast. If the reviews on TrekBikes.com are any indication, customers are using CrossRip for a multitude of uses and loving it!

Fast and light

Now built with our 200 Series Alpha Aluminum frame technology, at 250g lighter than last year, CrossRip is nimble, fast, and flat-out fun to ride. The Bontrager Race Lite IsoZone Bar (2 & 3 models only) reduces vibration displacement by 20% which is a must-have for rough city streets or off-road riding alike.

Make it Yours

Your daily commuter or weekend adventure bike, CrossRip is ready to be dressed the way your customer wants it. CrossRip is designed to take the accessories best suited to the rider with optimized rack and fender mounting locations. Use this awesome benefit as a great opportunity to sell additional accessories along with the bike.

All-weather disc brakes

CrossRip is equipped with disc brakes for precision braking, stopping power, and control in all weather conditions.

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