Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bike Radars Best Road Bikes Under $1k: Trek 1.2

Trek 1.2
US$959.99, 21lb (9.51kg) without pedals
4: 4
Trek's 1.2:
"Starter bike? Second bike? It’s up to both jobs"

At the Trek 1.2's heart is that Alpha Aluminum frame. Neatly finished, it offers a solid, confident ride. Solid might actually sound like we mean harsh, but that isn’t the case here – it’s solid as in reliable, predictable.Some cheaper aluminum bikes can, and often do, err on the side of bone shaking, but the 1.2 is pleasingly smooth – the slim seatstays have enough give to iron out too much harshness at the rear and the Bontrager Approved carbon fork aids cushioning at the front end.

The riding position is reasonably upright – thanks to the high, long-ride-friendly front end. The good news with that is that you’re likely to remain comfortable. The wheels too – from Bontrager, Trek’s own component brand – are good. They roll smoothly, feel strong and should prove reliable.And the same goes for the Bontrager tires – they provide a good level of cushioning and decent amounts of grip. If you’ve never ridden a road bike or you’re coming back after an absence and have ‘just’ £650 to spend, chances are you’ll find a lot to like in the Trek 1.2. But the same can be said if you’ve been riding something a few price points up too.