Friday, June 12, 2015

Bumstead's Prepack Seat Bag Uses State of the Art Pelikan SMS Pack

Top Ten Things You Should Stuff in Your Pelikan SMS Bicycle Seat Bag

Start with the best seat bag ever created. Don't take our word for it. Check out the review of the Pelikan SMS Wide Mouth Wedge Bag here.   This new concept bag is being referred to as a true breakthrough. Unlike other bags, the Pelikan mounts with silicone straps that will never rip your lycra shorts, stay tight even off road, and are super fast to mount and dismount. The SMS mounting system is gentle on carbon seat posts, too.

As a tool kit, there is plenty of room for what you need and a place to store money, driver's license, and keys. Two zippers make it easier to open and close.


Here is what we recommend you put in the new Pelikan Seat Bag

Many of the following items are offered in our prepacked bag available at the shop or on Amazon for just $39.95. See details below

1. First aid - The following items take up next to no room. Three medicated bandaids in various sizes. Two or three individual hand wipes. You’ll be so glad you brought these one day.

2. Identification - Some don’t like to carry a wallet. At least bring the ID.

3. Cash - $5 can get you out of almost any jam. Debit card, too?

4. House key - Easy to forget when you’re traveling light

5. Multi-tool set - Find the right tools for your bike. Even if you can’t fix anything, maybe someone else can help if you have the tools.

6. Cell Phone - Probably no need to remind you to bring this absolute necessity. You may prefer to use a mounting system to attach to your handlebar. But it will fit nicely into most seat bags.

7. Mini pump - You may prefer to mount your pump on the frame. However, some decent hand pumps are now small enough to go into some seat bags. An alternative is a CO2 pump. In any case, having a way to pump up your tire or that of a stranded cyclist is worth a few ounces and a bit of room in your seat bag.

8. Patch Kit and tire changing tool - Don’t bother with the one if you don’t have the other. West of Kansas, due to tire eating thorns, you will need all the protection possible against flats. In the rest of the world, it is certainly nice to have a way to fix a flat when they occur. For the Western US, be sure to outfit your tires with RhinoDillos tire liners. Then take a patch kit for good measure.

9. A spare tube - This will act as stuffing in your seat bag to keep other items from rattling around. It is also great for those times when the patch kit doesn’t work or you go through multiple flats.

10.  Sun screen - Did you remember to put

sun screen on when you left the house early in

the day. Nutz! Now you have to hunt down and pay dearly for a large bottle of some brand you don’t even like. Instead, get the individual packets and put two or three in your seat bag. Or buy a small plastic bottle, and pour some of your favorite sun screen into the bottle as back up. You’ll thank me.

Now get all of this at a greatly reduced price. Over $50 worth of products for just $39.95.

The Pelikan bag alone has an MSRP of $27.50.  Tubes range from $5 to $8.00. The Mulit-tool is another $8.00. Patch kit and tire tools will add another $7.00 or more. The value is at $50 before you add in the medicated band-aids, antiseptic hand wipes, and emergency sunscreen. This set up does not include a pump.

Buy the complete Prepacked bag at Bumstead's Bicycles in Ontario, California, or buy them on Amazon.  The Amazon Bag is black with black silicone mounting straps. Pick the Link below based on inner tube size you prefer.

27 X 1" (700C X 28/32) Schraeder inner tube 

27 X 1" (700C X 28/32) Presta inner tube               

27 X 1 1/4" (700C X 35-38) Schraeder inner tube  

27 X 1 1/4" (700C X 35-38) Presta inner tube         

26 x 1.50-1.75 Schraeder inner tube                         

26 x 1.50-1.75 Presta inner tube                               

26 x 1.95-2.3 Schraeder inner tube                          

26 x 1.95-2.3 Presta inner tube                                 

29er Schraeder inner tube                                        

29er Presta inner tube                                              



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