Thursday, December 6, 2012

Need To Make Room For 2013 Bikes... TREK CLOSEOUTS!

2012 Trek Closeouts  at Bumstead's Bicycles
           2012 Trek Fuel EX 5 (17.5)    



2012 Trek 2.1 Sram Apex (56cm) 



2012 Trek Lexa Women's Road Bike (47cm)


2012 Trek 1.2 Road Bike (56 & 58cm)




Monday, November 12, 2012

Looking For 2013's Best Hybrid Bike? We Found it: Trek Dual Sport 8.6

Trek's 2013 Dual Sport 8.6 is the perfect bike for someone who wants to ride around town or commute to work, as well as satisfying the needs of the mountain biker inside. 

It's the right solution for the multi purpose rider, designed for weekday-to-weekend versatility. Trek uses Alpha Gold aluminum that is formed into tube shapes that effectively balance weight and strength. It's designed to absorb 20mm worth of roots, curbs, and railroad tracks without a shock. They call it IsoZone, and it adds comfort and durability directly to the frame. In addition, Trek utilized a handlebar-mounted control for on-the-fly suspension lockout as you switch terrain. A remote lockout means an easier time on the trail as your hands don't even have to move from the handlebars to execute this function.

The bike easily accommodates the standard 700x35c tires with fenders, but you can also use Bontrager XDX 29"x1.8" MTB tires without fenders for those weekend trips to the light trails and fire roads.

This bike is comfortable, ergonomic, and capable which are all essential for the everyday rider. Having the choice of tire size is also a nice feature for those who plan to use the bike for different purposes. The 2013 Dual Sport 8.6 is fast and efficient on pavement, and is capable and confident on dirt.

Come to Bumstead's Bicycles, located at 1038 W. 4th St. in Ontario, CA. We have the DS 8.6 as well as the rest of the 2013 Trek lineup. We want you to come and take a test ride, because we know this is the bike for you.

Call us today at 909-984-9067, or visit our website at

Friday, November 9, 2012

Women Love the 2013 Trek Lexa SL, and It's Easy to See Why!

Men aren't the only ones looking for a fast, light, confidence inspiring road bike. Women do too, and they find it in the 2013 Trek Lexa SL!

100 Series Aluminum is used on the Lexa, which is Trek's high performance aluminum. It uses complex tube shapes for a great combination of strength to weight. Trek also decided to use the H3 WSD fit on the bike, which offers a slightly higher head tube as well as a but shorter top tube to allow you to ride more comfortably, for longer. Comfort is one of Trek's top priorities, and it shows. They use Women's Specific design in their road and mountain bike construction. Trek knows that a great-fitting bike means more joy from the ride, great comfort, excellent power and stability, as well as awesome control.

It goes without saying how excellent it is to have Shimano STI shifters and brakes at the same location on the handlebars. This gives you complete control over the gears while giving you the ability to brake should you need to. Shimano Tiagra derailleurs complete the package, providing compatibility and a sure, swift shift every time.

Trek cares about comfort, so they have used Bontrager components in that field. An Affinity 1 saddle, 20mm offset Race seatpost, and Gel Cork tape take away a lot of the discomfort associated with longer rides. Your sit bone and hands are gently cradled by these comfy yet firm Bontrager components.

Don't think you're getting the whole picture by reading this review. You really should come to Bumstead's Bicycles to see this bike for yourself. We are located on 1038 West 4th Street in Ontario. You can also easily reach us by phone at 909-984-9067, or check out our website for a full product catalogue.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2013 Trek Madone 2 Series is Even More Incredible than Last Year!

For years, the Trek Madone was a leading carbon fiber road racer used by local riders as well as Lance Armstrong.  The light weight and advanced design of the Madone carbon frame gave cyclists a big performance edge over others not as lucky to be riding this bike.  Trek has recognized the need to bring the design of the Madone down to a lower price point so for 2013, Trek is introducing two Madone models in aluminum.  The Madone 2.1 and 2.3 deliver a lot of the benefits of their carbon big brother but at half the price.

Equipped with a carbon fork and seat post and Shimano 105 10 speed components the Madone 2 series is perfect for racing, triathlons, weekend group rides or that early Saturday morning ride by yourself where you just want to see where the road takes you.

We are located at 1038 W. 4th Street (4th and Mountain) in Ontario and our phone number is (909) 984-9067.  If you have questions about the 2013 Madone, give us a call or drop by the shop and check them out in person.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Amazing 2013 Trek Lineup Featured at the Interbike Trade Show!

Every year, the bicycle industry gathers for the Interbike Trade Show where all the manufacturers put on display the new bikes, clothing, and accessories you will find at Bumstead Bikes in the upcoming season.  New models, new colors, and new technology gets the people in the shop excited about the upcoming year.  This trade show was no exception with the Trek bike line looking hotter than ever.

The Madone, Trek's flagship road race bike is redesigned and better than ever!  The new 7 series frame has dropped in weight down to just 750 grams yet it's still as stiff and solid as previous Madones.  Utilizing the new KVF tube shape, the aerodynamic improvement delivers an extra 25 watts in performance and for the Madone rider, that can be the difference between winning and finishing in the pack.  Looking to get into road riding but want to be conservative with your bicycle budget, the Madone now comes in affordably priced aluminum models with prices under $2,000 and the 1 series bikes with models starting at $739.

Looking to save some money or burn less oil and want to start bike commuting to work or school or just want to burn some calories on the bike trail?  Then consider the FX category of flat bar road bikes.  Each model has an upright, comfortable riding position with the base model starting at under $600.  Bicycle commuters and recreational cyclists all over our region have relied upon the Trek FX to get them where they need to go.

We are located at 1038 W. 4th Street (4th and Mountain) in Ontario and our phone number is (909) 984-9067.  If you have questions about the 2013 Treks, give us a call or drop by the shop and check them out in person.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gary Fisher Signature 2013 Trek Marlin 29er. Bigger. Better. Badder. 29er.

Trek has unleashed the Gary Fisher Marlin 29er for 2013. I say unleashed because the Marlin is a monster. It’s got a considerably larger wheel and tire combo than a traditional 26 inch mountain bike, enhancing it’s roll-over capabilities.

The 2013 Marlin comes with a Suntour front fork with a lockout, so if you need to ride more street or smoother fire roads you can go from a plush shock to no movement in the shock with just the flip of a switch. This really helps this bike to transition from being “on-road” to off-road.

The frame is solid, and Trek’s G2 geometry really makes a difference in steering response and turning radius. Having said this, it’s even a good bike if you do some XC riding.

The 2013 Marlin also comes with Sram Derailleurs which are durable, and a very positive shift, not to mention quick! The disc brakes are a nice feature on the Marlin, made by tektro and are easy to adjust. 

If this is going to be your first purchase of a mountain bike or you want to impress your friends who are always inviting you to go mountian biking, this would be a great bike to show up on.

So come to Bumstead’s, because you know you have to check out this bike. We’re located at 1038 West 4th St. in Ontario. You can always pick up the phone and call us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. (909) 984-9067

Monday, October 29, 2012

2013 Trek 7.2 FX available now at Bumstead’s Bicycles

Have you seen the 2013 Trek 7.2 FX? It’s perfect for you. You may want to start a fitness program. You may want to have a bike you can depend on to ride to work. You may just want an awesome bike to rocket around town on. Whatever your fitness goals are, Bumstead’s Bicycles and the 2013 Trek 7.2 FX can help you accomplish them.

The 7.2 FX is made from hydroformed aluminum frame which allows the engineers to fine tune the bike to be stronger, lighter, and stiffer than traditional round tubing. Imagine your old trusted Trek bike but.... better. That’s what you can expect from the 7.2 FX.

You can’t beat it’s all Shimano drive
train, and that's exactly what it offers.
As you can expect from Shimano, there are a wide range of gears in the back and the shifting is effortless, quick, 
and seamless.

Essentially, this bike is excellent for all around riding, especially if you want to go FAST!!

So come to Bumstead’s and see how awesome the 2013 Trek 7.2 FX is. We are located on 1038 West 4th St. in Ontario. You can also always call us at (909) 984-9067. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Looking to get into Mountain Biking? Try the 2013 Trek Mamba 29er! Awesome entry level mountain bike for 2013.

Trek pulls no punches with their 2013 Mamba 29er. If you’re just starting out in mountain biking, the Mamba 29er should be at the top of your prospective new bike list. 29er means that it has 29 inch wheels which makes the tracking incredible. These larger tires easily pass over rocks and ruts on those challenging mountain trails. The rims are double walled and eyeleted with a stainless steel washer, which makes them extremely strong and reliable.

Like most of their 2013 bikes, the Mamba features G2 geometry, giving you good handling at both high and low speeds. Trek has changed the front head tube and the shock crown angle so that it steers just as quick as a 26” wheel bike.

Enough about the specs of the bike; come to Bumstead’s Bicycles today so you can take a test ride. We are located at 1038 West 4th Street in Ontario. Or, if you feel like chatting, you can call us at (909) 984-9067.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fitting your road bike (part 3) (also touring, hybrid, commuter, city) bike shop Ontario California

We have been posting a blog series on how to adjust for fit on various types of bikes. For part three of our series on road bike fit, we will talk about stem adjustments. 
Confused about bike parts and fit?
Come see the experts at Bumsteads bike shop in Ontario, CA
We are talking about road bikes in this series. We already covered selecting the right frame size, checking standover height, and adjusting the height and position of your seat. 
The length and angle of your bike's stem determine how far you will reach and bend your waist in order to reach the handlebars. If your stem is the wrong length or angle, you can either adjust or replace it. Some bikes' stems are adjustable, but more commonly, you will have to have a bike shop order a correctly fitting stem and install it for you.
When seated on your bike, have someone hold it upright while you check for stem fit. With your hands on the handlebars, your waist should be bent so that your back is at a 45 degree angle. Your neck should feel comfortable when you look forward. Your arms should be gently bent at the elbows to allow for maximum shock absorption, and you should be able to reach your brakes and gears easily.
These guidelines will help you determine the correct classic road bike fit. Many cyclists vary these adjustments for the style of riding they do, or personal preferences. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fitting your road bike (part 2) (also touring, hybrid, commuter, city) bike shop Ontario California

This is part of a series from our Ontario bike shop (near Chino Hills) about acheiving proper fit on your road bike.
Selecting the correct frame size is step number one. Our employees are experts in bicycle fit and are happy to assist you with this. Here is a handy sizing guide on

Once you have selected a good sized bike for yourself, it is time to make adjustments for perfect comfort and performance. When you buy a bike from a quality local retailer, you can expect a professional adjustment. If you are adjusting yourself, here are some tips:

In our last post we discussed selecting for proper standover height. The next thing you want to check is the saddle height and position. Have someone hold your bike steady while you sit on the seat, with your feet on the pedals.
Saddle height: When you are seated on your bike, you want your leg to be almost fully extended at the bottom of your pedal stroke, but not fully extended. If your knees are bent, you should raise your saddle. If you are hyperextending, bring the saddle down a notch. Many bikes have a quick-release lever, making this adjustment quick. For other bikes, you may need a wrench, or you can bring it into a shop for help.
Saddle position: Generally, you want your knee to align directly over the ball of your foot, with your seat parallel to the ground, and your shin angle slightly frontwards.

If you need help with fit, come into our shop. Stay tuned for our next post about stem adjustment on your road bike...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fitting your road bike part 1 (also touring, hybrid, commuter, city) bike shop Ontario California

As part of our bike shop in Ontario, California's series of bicycle fit guides we've been posting on our blog, we bring you a series on fitting your road bike. Fit guidelines for touring bikes and hybrid, commuter and city bikes are likely to be similar to fit for a road bike. These are loose guidelines. Always make adjustments to fit based on your riding style, preferences, and comfort, if needed. Generally, the road bike guidelines are designed to make your ride more aerodynamic and fast. If you are uncomfortable with the road bike's fit, it is a good idea to come into a local retailer and get help making adjustments and modifications so your bike will work for you.
First, select a bike that fits you. This is done by checking standover height. A quality shop will have experts help you select the right bike, but you can also check standover height yourself. 
Stand straddling the top tube of the bike, in front of the seat. If the top tube goes straight across, you will want about 1" clearance between your crotch and the tube. If the top tube of your bike is sloped, your aim will be 2" of clearance. Wear your cycling shoes when you are checking fit, as they will affect your standover height. 
Check out our shop, including our road bike selection at and stay tuned for our next post describing adjustments to your road bike fit.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Fitting a bike for kids: bike shop Upland

Our Ontario bike shop, near by Upland, just posted about how to select the right size bike for your kid. Today we explain how to adjust this bike for perfect fit.

Of course, kids' size has a tendency to change over time, as parents know. It is good to start with a bike that has a little room for their growth if possible, but kids should never ride an oversized bike as this can be dangerous. 
You can use these guidelines to adjust this bike as your kid gets taller. Ideally, you'll be able to adjust for your child's growth before the bike needs to be replaced. 

First, check standover height by having your child straddle the top bar of the bike. There should be 1-2"  of space between their crotch and the bar. 

Next, adjust seat height. Position the seat so your child can be in a comfortable, upright riding position. Their elbows should be able to slightly bend while their hands are on the grips. Allow a little flex in their knee when at the bottom of a pedal stroke. Knees should not be hyper-extended.

Come into our shop in Ontario for help selecting a quality bike that can safely stand up to your kids' tough riding and give them a little room for growth. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kids' bike sizes: bike shop near Chino Hills

Our bike shop near Chino Hills in Ontario has been sharing some of our secrets to great bike fit on our blog. Every style of bike has different fit guidelines. We started with mountain bikes, and today we are going to share how to adjust fit on a kid's bicycle.

Kids’ bikes are sized according to wheel size. You can look for a size according to general age guidelines, but it is their size, not age, that should determine your final selection. Wheel sizes are:
  • 14"-  4 to 6 years 
  • 16"- 5 to 8 years 
  • 18-20"- 7- to 10-years
  • 24"- 10 and up

After you find the correct sized bike for your child, you will need to adjust the standover height and seat position to their proportions. Our next post will describe how to do this. 
Come into our shop in Ontario for help selecting a quality bike that can safely stand up to your kids' tough riding and give them a little room for growth. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

How to fit a mountain bike (part 2)

One of the reasons to purchase your bike from a quality local bike shop like ours near Chino Hills, is that we know how to help you find the right bike, and adjust it to fit you perfectly  Having a bike that fits you properly is very important for getting the maximum fitness, performance, and comfort in your riding experience.
This is part 2 of our tips on fitting a mountain bike.  Individual riders may have different preferences according to the type of riding they do, but these are general guidelines. (Steps 1 and 2 are in our previous post)
3. Saddle height: When seated, your legs should be slightly bent at the bottom of a pedal stroke. If you can put both feet flat on the ground while seated, you should raise the seat.
4. Stem: Have someone hold the bike steady while you sit on the seat. If your arms are reaching, with elbows locked, you need to adjust the stem, or may need to have a bike shop replace your stem with one that has the right length and angle for your body.
5. Saddle position: Your saddle should be parallel to the ground, and your knee should be over the ball of your foot. When you pedal, your shin should be angled slightly forward.

Come into our shop, we would love to help you get the perfect fitting mountain bike. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

How to fit a mountain bike (part 1)

One of the reasons to purchase your bike from a quality local bike shop like ours in Ontario, is that we can help you find the right sized bike, and adjust it to fit you perfectly. Having a bike that fits you properly is very important for getting the maximum fitness, performance, and comfort in your riding experience.
Here are a few tips for how to find a mountain bike that fits you. These are general guidelines. Individual riders may have different preferences according to the type of riding they do.
1. Standover height: Straddling the top tube, lift the bike. On a hard tail, you should have at least 2” between the tires and the ground. Some mountain bikers prefer up to 5” of clearance. On a full suspension bike, 1” may be enough, as the height will be compressed when you are seated.
2. Reach: When seated, with your hands on the handlebars, you should have a relaxed, slight bend in your elbows.
See our next post for other aspects of fitting your mountain bike. Any time you purchase a bicycle from our shop, we are available to fit the bike for you.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ontario bike shop First Look: 2013 Trek Fuel EX

The team at our bike shop in Ontario has been testing the new 2013 models from Trek. One of the bikes that has made a splash this year is the Trek Fuel EX. 
This trail bike is delivering a number of changes in 2013, really stepping up it's performance.
The 2013 Fuel has more travel now- 130mm rather than 120mm.
Other notable changes include those that have made the 2013 Fuel a much smoother, more responsive ride. Using a dual-chamber shock and fork, Trek has made this bike more capable than many bikes equipped with more travel.

2013 changes:
  • 130 mm of travel from 120 mm in 2012
  • new suspension kinematics- main pivot is moved forward for better pedaling performance
  • Lower standover height
  • 10mm shorter chainstays
  • Frame weighs in at 3.9 lbs-5.4 lbs
  • Fuel 9.9 complete bike is now 24.5 lbs
  • Internal cable routing for all shifter cables and even the Rockshox Reverb post cable
  • Fuel EX 5, 6, 7 weigh 2466 gram
  • Fuel EX 9.9 weighs 1760 grams or 3.88 lbs

Saturday, August 11, 2012

First Look at 2013 Trek 7.2 FX Fitness Bike by Roy Wallack

Roy Wallack is a cycling Enthusiast and Author of "Bike for Life:  How to Ride to 100,"  He reviewed four fitness bikes in a recent column for the Los Angeles Times.  Roy gave this overview of the entire fitness bike category:

If you're ready to ride a bike for fitness but not ready to hunch over like a Tour de France racer or tackle death-defying single-track trails in the mountains, a single-speed, bulbous-tire beach cruiser won't do. You need a "fitness bike," what the industry now calls the broad category that combines the large, fast-rolling 700-C wheels of road bikes, a tough multi-tread tire and the straight handlebars of a mountain bike. Formerly known as hybrids, these lightweight aluminum-frame bikes have become more refined, stylish and specialized; all work for commuting while sporting varying capabilities for pavement and mild dirt paths.
Roy Wallack gave this review of the 2013 Trek 7.2 FX Fitness Bike:

Trek 7.2 FX: The all-conditions performance fitness bike for road, trail and commuting comes with 24-speed Shimano Alivio drive-train, puncture-resistant tires and mountain-bike style V brakes.
Likes: Fast, quick and balanced on road and mild dirt paths. Like the Specialized, it has more of a leaned-over, high-performance position than the Electra or the Felt, plus just enough style (note the red accents) to feel hip. Fender mounts make it a worthy all-weather commuter. It's also available in a women's model with altered dimensions. The FX's higher-end models have disc brakes and better components. For more off-road capability, go to the Trek 8 Dual Sport bikes, which have a light suspension fork.
Dislikes: None.

Monday, August 6, 2012

First look at Bumstead's 2013 Trek lineup

The lovely, radically redesigned 2013 Trek Madone 6.2
We are very excited at our Ontario bike shop to introduce the 2013 bicycles that Trek has unveiled.
We trust Trek's bikes to be quality machines, counting on them to perform whether road or mountain built. But this year promises to be a memorable one for change of the Trek models we have grown to love. 
Trek's image for the past few years has been that of technology-focused design, and in 2013 they continue to showcase bikes with an eye towards cutting-edge technology. The 2013 lineup includes some of the most refined models yet, breaking through limits with weight and speed. These bikes are light, fast, and boldly designed.
Get in-depth highlights of the Trek 2013 models from complete with a luscious gallery of pics. Watch our blog for our announcements about the new models we are stocking at our bike shop, near Chino Hills and Upland.
We are very excited to take these for test-spins, and hope you'll have the chance to come by and check them out.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bad Place to Get a Bicycle Flat Tire! Video of Extreme Rides

As you are no doubt aware, cyclists around the globe are testing their skills and putting their lives on the line with stunts of daring while riding.  These might take place in the inner city, the local burbs, or in the remote wilderness.  The creativity is mind blowing, but the ability to see it up close and personal through the use of cameras mounted on helmets, frames, and on following vehicles makes for an exciting video experience.

We will be searching the web for the very best of these, and bringing them to you as we find them.  If you've seen a particularly great video of this genre, please pass it back to us and we'll share with our list.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chrome Messenger Bags 10% Off at Bumstead's Bicycles in Ontario California

Back to School Specials!  August 2012
-Chrome Messenger Bags-
10% off
all bag styles



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-All Security Locks-   

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2013 Trek Mamba 29er! Check out the Video Review

Bumstead's is excited to announce the arrival of the All New 2013 Trek Mamba 29er!  Perfect for a beginner, the Mamba has 29 inch wheels for awesome tracking. Easily passes over rocks and ruts to make challenging terrain a breeze. The rims on this bike are double walled and eyeleted with a stainless steel washer. This makes for an extremely strong rim.

Trek has taken into account for the larger 29" wheel and has implemented their system called G2 geometry. They have changed the front head tube and the shock crown angle so that it steers just as quick as a 26" wheel bike.

Be sure to stay tuned for more 2013 roll-outs or stop by the shop for the latest bicycle models in stock!

Danny Caluag Heads for 2012 London Olympic Games - Video

Bumstead's Bicycles is beaming with pride as our very own Danny C heads to compete in the London Olympic Games as part of the Filipino Olympic Team.  Danny C will compete in BMX starting on August 8th.  Join us by tuning in as he fights for olympic gold in London.  Watch our very special video dedicated to Danny as we root him on here in So Cal!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cheapest bicycle ever! Cardboard Bike. Is this the Future?

Will this bike one day be the cheapest bicycle available at our Ontario bike shop?
A new design for a bicycle from an entepreneur Izhar Gafni, out of Israel, is made from light-weight, durable, eco-friendly, and waterproof cardboard! If it sounds impossible, well...they said it was.
Gafni wanted to create a bicycle that would be too inexpensive to be stolen, and began experimenting with building a bicycle out of cardboard box material. Though the engineers he consulted with were skeptical, Gafni persevered and now has a working model of his cardboard bicycle.
The bicycle prototype may be in for more changes, but currently the production cost is around $9 to $12 per bike. Gafni has not yet signed a contract with a manufacturer, so it is uncertain what the finished cost will be, but it is expected to retail for under $90.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bike shop Ontario: Team Sky's tested strategy

  As we followed the 2012 Tour de France at our Ontario, California bike shop, one thing that stood out about this year's competition was the winning strategy of Britain's Team Sky, reminding anyone who might forget, that this is, after all, a team sport.
Bradley Wiggins won the first yellow jersey for Britain, and appeared to do so with little effort. Wiggins established his lead so early on in the race, and held it for so very long. The win was a virtual certainty on Saturday, barring some crazy turn of events, when Wiggins won his second time trial. 
Wiggins finished the Tour with his teammate Chris Froome close behind. Froome was only 3:21 after him, and this was especially dramatic considering how things went down between them in the race. 
Froome exceeded expectations with his incredible performance on mountainous stages, putting Team Sky's winning strategy to the test. The team had its bets on Wiggins, given his edge in time trials, and Froome was held back in several stages for the sake of keeping Wiggins ahead. The tension over this strategy erupted in a stream of back-handed tweets between Froome's girlfriend and Wiggins' wife, beginning in the 11th stage. 
 Team Sky's teamwork also made its mark when they aided Mark Cavendish in taking a fourth consecutive stage win on the Champs-Elysees. Wiggins was happy with the team's strategy. "It's magnificent," said Wiggins. "For us to finish like this as a team, helping Mark to victory and allowing him to defend his record here... it's incredible."

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wiggins still leading stage 17 Tour de France

 Nicolas Bouvy / EPA / July 18, 2012

Our bike shop in Ontario, California is following the Tour de France in the final three days!
Briton Bradley Wiggins endured the trying, mountainous 17th stage of the race on Thursday, and said sensed the race is "pretty much over". 
With just three stages remaining in the Tour de France of 2012, Wiggins seems to be secure in his lead. Wiggins finished 3rd in stage 17, with a two minute five second overall lead ahead of his teammate Christopher Froome, who came in ahead of Wiggins in the 17th stage, in 2nd place. 
The remaining stages in the Tour de France are two flat stages and a time trial, which Wiggins is expected to do well in. With any luck, Wiggins will, in 3 days, be the first Tour de France winner of Great Britain.
Alejandro Valverde of Spain enjoyed an emotional win in the 17th stage, after returning from a two-year doping ban, and a rough start to the tour, surviving three crashes. A teary Valverde said of his victory, “It erases all of the past.”

Saturday, July 14, 2012

2012 Tour de France 12th stage: bike shop Ontario

Are you following the Tour de France with our bike shop in Ontario, California?
Britain's David Millar claimed an emotional win in the twelve stage yesterday after what has been a very difficult tour for the Garmin-Sharp team. The team has lost a number of riders including their team leader, Ryder Hesjedal. asked David Millar about his 12th stage victory and the team's recent difficulties. "It's massive. It's been a horrific tour for us so far," Millar said. "I really wanted to do something...prove that we're still here and show that Garmin-Sharp is one of the best cycling teams in the world." 
France's Pierre Rolland took his maiden victory in the 10th stage, followed by another win in 11. 
Britain's Bradley Wiggins further secured his lead against Australia's defending champion Cadel Evans in the 11th stage. Evans had begun stage 11 in second place, only one minute, 53 seconds behind Wiggins, but dropped to fourth overall at 3:19. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

bike shop Ontario, CA: Stage 9 Tour de france update

Check back on this blog from our bike shop in Ontario, California for updates from the 2012 Tour de France from now until July 22.

Its been quite literally a brutal race from the beginning. A grand total of seventeen bicyclists are currently out of the Tour de France due to crash injuries, at the close of the 9th stage. This is the most cyclists to be out with injuries by this stage in the Tour de France since 1998. 
Brit Bradley Wiggins, the three-time Olympic track medalist, has the yellow jersey for the first time. Wiggins finished the 9th stage time trial, victorious, only 35 seconds ahead of Australian Cadel Evans. 
Wiggins was undaunted by speculation that he may have taken the yellow jersey too soon. "You can't get too cocky in this race and choose when you take the yellow jersey," the Huffington Post reported Wiggins saying. "I'd much rather be in yellow than in hospital – like half the peloton."
Yesterday, Wiggins had an angry outburst in response to conjecture that his team's stellar performance could have been aided by doping. 
Today's win for Wiggins gave him more room in his lead, after France's Thibaut Pinot had his first win on Sunday's 8th stage, followed by defending champion Cadel Evans, with Wiggins coming in 4th. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

bike shop Chino Hills: Greipel takes Stage 4 and 5 of Tour de France

Our bike shop in Chino Hills is watching the events of Tour de France all this month. The race is approaching the end of week one, and its been an exciting start.
There were a number of news developments regarding Tour de France in the weeks leading up to the race.  This year has been marked by some special situations such as rider injuries, changing of teams, and high-profile doping charges that recently stripped Tour de France legend Lance Armstrong of his titles.
The first week of the race had plenty of excitement as well, with several crashes, such as a multi-bike pile-up that included Mike Cavendish, in the closing of Stage 4. Cavendish emerged from the crash uninjured, and unhappy.
Andre Greipel of Germany won Stage 4, and coming through the finish elated at his first Tour de France victory.
He then came in ahead again in Stage 5, pulling in front in the final hundred meters in what he called "the hardest sprint of my life."
Looking forward to what the Tour de France brings next. Watch our blog for updates!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Chrome Messenger Baga Are all the Rage at Bumsteads Bicycles in Ontario Ca

Chrome Messenger Bags
  These stylish messengers are more than just a fashion statement.  With comfort, optimal durability, & tons of storage a Chrome Messenger bag will become your new everyday best friend. 

These American made bags are equipped with an EVA foam padded shoulder strap with cross-chest load stabilizer for increased rideability on your commutes, reflective straps for night visibility, are fully weatherproof, and best of all guaranteed for life!

Available in Several Colors! We have a bag to fit everyone's style 

Check out the Sweet Coca Cola Cruiser by Nirve at Bumsteads!

Nirve's Coca Cola Collectors Bike
Arrives at Bumsteads Mid-July!
Be the first on your block to sport this awesome collectors edition cruiser!  In partnership with Coca Cola Nirve is introducing this cherry cruiser for the summer. Complete with a coke bell and drink holder you will ride in style and comfort. Be sure to stop by Bumsteads mid july and take one for a spin!  

2013 Bicycles Arriving at Bumstead's Bicycles in Ontario CA

Bumstead's is excited to announce the arrival of all new 2013 bicycles including the Trek Mamba, Trek 8.1 DS, and Nirve Lahaina already in stock!

2013 Trek Mamba:
Not even featured on the Trek website yet, the 2013 Trek Mamba is literally hot off the assembly line.  This 29er is fully equipped with Alpha Gold Aluminum, butted & hydroformed tubing, cold-forged dropouts & bottom bracket, G2 Geometry, Shimano Alivio M430 9-speed shifters, and so much more.  Come in and check it out before it is even viewable online! 

2013 Trek 8.1 DS:
If you are in the market for a bike that can truly take you anywhere, dual sport is the way to go.  The all new Trek 8.1 DS is a dream on pavement & off as well as to your budget.  With 21 speeds, Alpha Gold Aluminum frame, massive tire clearance, and stainless steel spokes, just to name a few, the Trek 8.1 is truly multi purpose with the comfort to take you anywhere you need to go.  At under $600 you cant beat it.

2013 Nirve Lahaina:
The 2013 Nirve Lahaina women's cruiser is the perfect beach bike for that lovely lady in your life.  What better way to enjoy our beautiful southern Californian summers than cruising the beaches and enjoying the waves.

Be sure to stay tuned for more 2013 roll-outs or stop by the shop for the latest bicyle models in stock!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Aston Martin One 77, bicycle

Latest word at our Chino Hills bike shop-connoisseurs of the road bike, get ready...
British sports car manufacturer Aston Martin is partnering with Factor Bikes to bring the road bike version of the One 77, the coveted luxury sports car.

The One 77, being called "the world's most technologically advanced road bicycle" brings elements of the exclusive Aston Martin One 77 sports car to the world of cycling, such as its construction from a unique ultra light-weight carbon fiber composite, super advanced computer system, and the beautiful design and details you might expect from a bike called One 77. The bike is outfitted with Shimano Dura-Ace components.
The seventy-seven One 77 sports cars have all been sold, with reports of one crashing in Hong Kong last month. The One 77 bicycle, estimated to cost around $40,000 is sure to sell out quickly as well.
Contact Factor to inquire about sales.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bike shop Ontario: Tips for cycling for weight loss

At our bike shop Upland, we have plenty of customers looking to slim down cyclng, but casual cycling will not usually result in weight loss. Those who are successful losing weight through bicycling are those who set out to do so through a combination of dietary changes and a cycling plan that has the exercise rigor to bring the results.
Here are a few secrets that help maximize the exercise benefits of riding:

  • A bike that is sized to fit will help your body burn calories. When fit is not good, sometimes riders are not getting the full calorie-burning benefit from riding as they are slumped in their seat. 
  • Beginning with a stretch and warm-up routine every time protects bodies from injury and helps muscles prepare to work efficiently. 
  • Building the intensity level of exercise gradually helps people be safe and successful. Beginning with a low-intensity ride that is manageable, and focusing on developing the pattern of cycling every day is an effective approach. 
  • Successful cycling fitness routines alternate short periods of rigorous exercise with rest have been shown to be the most effective. This method allows you to use your energy more efficiently than a continuous hard push where you actually lose strength over time.

    In order to lose weight, you will need to burn more calories than you consume, so your routine is only one piece of what’s needed to lose weight cycling, but stay committed and you too can do what many other cyclists have!

Monday, June 11, 2012

bike shop Chino Hills: Surprise Warm-up Tips

Bumsteads bike shop Chino Hills spills 3 secrets about warming up! These come as a surprise even to some of our serious athletic cyclists. Here they are...drumroll, please...
1. Less is more!
You heard that right. A study released last year showed that the standard 20 minute warm-up routine used by cyclists caused fatigue, and a shorter, less-strenuous warm-up routine actually produced better peak power output.  
2. Serious cyclists do it inside! Riding through busy streets and intersections, across uneven surfaces, around pedestrians, and inclement weather can really reduce the effectiveness of your efforts to warm up at the beginning of your ride. The continuous, controlled warm-up you get inside on a stationary trainer is more effective. That's why it is preferred by many cyclists before a race.
3. Intermittent is better than continuous! When you pedal continuously as hard as you can and really get your heartrate up, you feel like you are getting a better warm-up, but research suggests this is false. Continuous exercise tires us out , and without being perceptible to us, our performance is affected. A warm-up of 20 second high intensity pedaling, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated for 8 cycles is a perfect warm-up to take advantage of your bicycling for fitness.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Bike shop Ontario: Get fit and lose weight with joy, bicycling!

At our bike shop Ontario, we run into lots of people who are looking for a fun way to get into shape. Bicycling is an enjoyable and effective fitness activity. Studies have shown benefits of cycling include lower rates of heart disease, reduced blood pressure and cholesterol, and stress reduction.
Cycling may also be the exercise component of your weight loss plan, with great results. In order to get weight loss benefit from cycling, you will need to design your riding routine with that in mind.
Bicycling is low-impact fitness, and so is recommended for all body types, ages, and fitness levels. Many people who cannot run for exercise, can ride a bicycle easily and pleasurably.
If you are overweight, the non-weight bearing nature of cycling can mean greater stamina in your workout routine as compared to something like walking.
For those who's mobility is limited, cycling can offer freedom of movement, allowing people to enjoy moving at fast speeds and get an aerobic workout.
Cycling tones the stubborn areas of the body- butt, thighs, waist, and hips.
A professional bicycle retailer can help you maximize these benefits, by assisting you in finding the right bicycle for your body type and that it is fitted so you get the best exercise benefit.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bike shop Chino Hills: What kind of bike is right for you?

Are you wanting to buy a bicycle at bike shop Chino Hills  but you have no idea where to start? Here is a brief guide to some of the most common kinds of bicycles. Choose your bike based on what kind of riding you are most interested in.
Road bikes
Pros: Speedy, easy to pedal on pavement.
Cons: Not so good for riding on rough terrain. Dropped handlebars may be uncomfortable.

Mountain bikes
Pros: Suspension and upright riding position provide a cushy, comfortable ride. Great for all terrain.
Cons: Mountain bikes are slower, harder to ride on paved and smooth surfaces.

Hybrid bikes
Pros: Fast, easy pedaling, with the versatility and comfort of a mountain bike.
Cons: Not suitable for very rugged terrain.

Pros: Comfortable, relaxed riding, and style.
Cons: Difficult to ride in on hills, long distance, or off road.
Pros: Nimble and sturdy for stunts and trick-riding.
Cons: Short on comfort.