Monday, October 29, 2012

2013 Trek 7.2 FX available now at Bumstead’s Bicycles

Have you seen the 2013 Trek 7.2 FX? It’s perfect for you. You may want to start a fitness program. You may want to have a bike you can depend on to ride to work. You may just want an awesome bike to rocket around town on. Whatever your fitness goals are, Bumstead’s Bicycles and the 2013 Trek 7.2 FX can help you accomplish them.

The 7.2 FX is made from hydroformed aluminum frame which allows the engineers to fine tune the bike to be stronger, lighter, and stiffer than traditional round tubing. Imagine your old trusted Trek bike but.... better. That’s what you can expect from the 7.2 FX.

You can’t beat it’s all Shimano drive
train, and that's exactly what it offers.
As you can expect from Shimano, there are a wide range of gears in the back and the shifting is effortless, quick, 
and seamless.

Essentially, this bike is excellent for all around riding, especially if you want to go FAST!!

So come to Bumstead’s and see how awesome the 2013 Trek 7.2 FX is. We are located on 1038 West 4th St. in Ontario. You can also always call us at (909) 984-9067. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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