Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Looking to get into Mountain Biking? Try the 2013 Trek Mamba 29er! Awesome entry level mountain bike for 2013.

Trek pulls no punches with their 2013 Mamba 29er. If you’re just starting out in mountain biking, the Mamba 29er should be at the top of your prospective new bike list. 29er means that it has 29 inch wheels which makes the tracking incredible. These larger tires easily pass over rocks and ruts on those challenging mountain trails. The rims are double walled and eyeleted with a stainless steel washer, which makes them extremely strong and reliable.

Like most of their 2013 bikes, the Mamba features G2 geometry, giving you good handling at both high and low speeds. Trek has changed the front head tube and the shock crown angle so that it steers just as quick as a 26” wheel bike.

Enough about the specs of the bike; come to Bumstead’s Bicycles today so you can take a test ride. We are located at 1038 West 4th Street in Ontario. Or, if you feel like chatting, you can call us at (909) 984-9067.

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