Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bike shop Ontario: Tips for cycling for weight loss

At our bike shop Upland, we have plenty of customers looking to slim down cyclng, but casual cycling will not usually result in weight loss. Those who are successful losing weight through bicycling are those who set out to do so through a combination of dietary changes and a cycling plan that has the exercise rigor to bring the results.
Here are a few secrets that help maximize the exercise benefits of riding:

  • A bike that is sized to fit will help your body burn calories. When fit is not good, sometimes riders are not getting the full calorie-burning benefit from riding as they are slumped in their seat. 
  • Beginning with a stretch and warm-up routine every time protects bodies from injury and helps muscles prepare to work efficiently. 
  • Building the intensity level of exercise gradually helps people be safe and successful. Beginning with a low-intensity ride that is manageable, and focusing on developing the pattern of cycling every day is an effective approach. 
  • Successful cycling fitness routines alternate short periods of rigorous exercise with rest have been shown to be the most effective. This method allows you to use your energy more efficiently than a continuous hard push where you actually lose strength over time.

    In order to lose weight, you will need to burn more calories than you consume, so your routine is only one piece of what’s needed to lose weight cycling, but stay committed and you too can do what many other cyclists have!

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