Monday, June 11, 2012

bike shop Chino Hills: Surprise Warm-up Tips

Bumsteads bike shop Chino Hills spills 3 secrets about warming up! These come as a surprise even to some of our serious athletic cyclists. Here they are...drumroll, please...
1. Less is more!
You heard that right. A study released last year showed that the standard 20 minute warm-up routine used by cyclists caused fatigue, and a shorter, less-strenuous warm-up routine actually produced better peak power output.  
2. Serious cyclists do it inside! Riding through busy streets and intersections, across uneven surfaces, around pedestrians, and inclement weather can really reduce the effectiveness of your efforts to warm up at the beginning of your ride. The continuous, controlled warm-up you get inside on a stationary trainer is more effective. That's why it is preferred by many cyclists before a race.
3. Intermittent is better than continuous! When you pedal continuously as hard as you can and really get your heartrate up, you feel like you are getting a better warm-up, but research suggests this is false. Continuous exercise tires us out , and without being perceptible to us, our performance is affected. A warm-up of 20 second high intensity pedaling, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated for 8 cycles is a perfect warm-up to take advantage of your bicycling for fitness.

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