Friday, August 17, 2012

How to fit a mountain bike (part 1)

One of the reasons to purchase your bike from a quality local bike shop like ours in Ontario, is that we can help you find the right sized bike, and adjust it to fit you perfectly. Having a bike that fits you properly is very important for getting the maximum fitness, performance, and comfort in your riding experience.
Here are a few tips for how to find a mountain bike that fits you. These are general guidelines. Individual riders may have different preferences according to the type of riding they do.
1. Standover height: Straddling the top tube, lift the bike. On a hard tail, you should have at least 2” between the tires and the ground. Some mountain bikers prefer up to 5” of clearance. On a full suspension bike, 1” may be enough, as the height will be compressed when you are seated.
2. Reach: When seated, with your hands on the handlebars, you should have a relaxed, slight bend in your elbows.
See our next post for other aspects of fitting your mountain bike. Any time you purchase a bicycle from our shop, we are available to fit the bike for you.

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