Thursday, April 30, 2015

2015 VeloNews Buyer's Guide: 2015 Trek Silque SLX

2015 Endurance Bike for Women that are Occasional Racers, Century Riders, and Serious Weekend Warriors

 Endurance bikes are designed to be the comfortable cousin of traditional road bikes. The bike will still be light, efficient, and powerful, but with a little more emphasis on comfort. These bikes have a slightly relaxed geometry and frames designed to be smooth and light, instead of just light. For example, compared to traditional road bikes, the handlebars on endurance bikes are closer to the level of the seat height instead of below, allowing for a more upright position, and the wheelbase is a bit longer to create a more stable ride.

The Silque's new geometry is built around a taller head tube, shorter top tube, shorter chain stays and a racier fork than the Domane, yet they still share the IsoSpeed decoupler technology and all the comfort that brings. There is no doubt the Silque firmly treads the ground between and also overlaps both race machine and comfy endurance bike genres.

The frame is beautifully made from Trek's high end OCLV 6 Series carbon and comes ready prepped for electronic gears, with ports for cable routing and internal battery position in the seat mast, perfect should you wish to upgrade later. The high-tech carbon composition gives the Silque a very different ride feel from the Domane.

Check out our video on the Trek Silque SL's Verdict:

Compliant, versatile and light; could easily hold its own in a race or head out for a full day in the hills

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