Friday, April 3, 2015

29, 27.5, 26 - Which is Best?

Trek has over 15 years of wheel size development experience, more than anyone else in the industry. 

The current debate in the mountain bike industry is between the 29er and 27.5.
Which one is best?

As a pioneer in wheel sizes, Trek thought they would help simplify the conversation.

For cross country riding, where speed is the goal, bigger wheels are faster, having a lower rolling resistance and preserving momentum better than smaller wheels. This is why you see most XC pros on 29ers. So get on the biggest wheels that fit.

For smaller riders challenged to fit comfortably on a 29er, go to the next biggest wheel: 27.5".

For trail riding, it's all about choosing a wheelsize that will match your riding style. If you want a confidence inspiring ride and are more likely to roll over an obstacle than jump it. If you want a playful ride, go for the 27.5. It's smaller wheels are easier to loft in the air and allow you to rapidly change directions. So if you are more likely to jump over an obstacle than roll over it, go with 27.5.

Remember, wheelsize is just one variable in the overall bike package. Regardless of what wheelsize you choose Trek has the best overall bike package. 

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