Tuesday, March 31, 2015

EARLY RELEASE - 2016 Trek Crockett And Boone Revealed

Only One Quarter of 2015 Has Passed, But Bring on Next Year's Model Bikes from Trek

(originally posted on cxmagazine.com)

Trek Bicycles has recently released a few details on their lineup for 2016 cyclocross bikes: The Boone and Crockett. The bikes still have their trademark IsoSpeed decoupler and frame geometry. Apart from colors and drivetrain package options, the key difference looks to be Trek’s investment into thru axle technology, moving to a 15mm thru axle front hub for 2016, although they will be keeping the rear as a quick release.


All of the race models shown in our slider below, including the framesets, come equipped with a carbon thru-axle fork. The aluminum Crockett 5 Disc and carbon Boone 5 Disc will come with an aluminum steerer. The remaining four disc models: The Crockett 9 Disc, Boone 9 Disc, Crockett Disc frameset and Boone Disc frameset, will feature full carbon thru-axle forks with carbon steerer tubes, shaving a full 120g off the weight.

Already have a Boone or Crockett Disc bike? Trek is also releasing an upgraded solid black full carbon fork you can use on the older bikes to replace quick release forks.

More concerned about color selection? Here’s what Trek has to say on the matter: “Through some highly scientific and complicated research, our engineers found that the new color schemes will give you 16.2% more heckles and a whopping 18.6% more handups during races.

Trust us – we use science and stuff.”

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