Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bike shop Upland: History of the Beach Cruiser

At our bike shop upland we sell all kinds of bikes.  No bike has more enduring popularity than the beach cruiser.
The beach cruiser is a bicycle that was designed for recreational beach riding in the thirties. The cruiser has an upright seat position, basic steel frame, single speed drive train, and balloon tires to resist sinking into soft terrain like sandy beach. Cruisers enjoyed popularity from their introduction in the 30's through the 1960's.
The 1970’s-1990’s saw a break in cruiser sales as the two-car family became the norm, and fewer people were riding for pleasure or running errands around town. Since the mid-1990’s, they have made quite a comeback, with today's interpretation often keeping the classy retro looks. Currently they are one of the hottest bicycles on the market, appreciated by many kinds of riders for casual or short rides. If comfort, affordability, mechanical simplicity, and plenty of style are your priorities in a bicycle, a beach cruiser may be just what you're looking for.

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