Monday, May 28, 2012

Bike shop Chino Hills: Common Crashes #8

Our bike shop Chino Hills is doing a blog series revealing the most common bike crash situations, from, with tips to help you stay safe.

#8 The Left Cross

An approaching car makes a left turn right in front of you, without giving you room to stop, or slams directly into you. 

How to avoid this wreck:

 1. Never ride on the sidewalk. 
 When you come off the sidewalk to cross the street, you're not visible to turning motorists. It is generally much safer to ride in the street.

2. Get a headlight. Front headlights are necessary for safe night time riding. Also, you can be ticketed most places for not having one. They can increase your visibility in the day too.

3. Wear bright colored clothing, even during the day. Ok, maybe you prefer neutrals...but bikes are small and easy to see through even during the day. Yellow or orange reflective vests make a big difference in visibility. Reflective leg bands are also easy and inexpensive.

4. Do not pass on the right. Do not try to overtake slow-moving vehicles on the right. Doing this makes you invisible to left-turning motorists at intersections. Passing on the right is dangerous for a number of reasons. (see other posts in the series or check out
5. Slow down. Try to make eye contact with the driver. If you can't catch their eye, slow down enough to completely stop if necessary. It is a pain, but it beats getting hit.

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