Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bike shop Chino Hills: the many beach cruisers

Some rights reserved. By Marco Antonio Torres.
Bumstead's bike shop Chino Hills knows  the cruiser is a favorite of bicycle designers who like to tinker. Its simple design makes it perfect for modifying. The cruiser has provided the base for many design innovations in bicycles including the first mountain bike models, BMX bikes, commuter bikes, lowriders, and choppers.
While you may remember the kid's single speed version from your childhood, today’s beach cruisers are developed for adults too, and for more verasatile use than beach pedaling. We have cruisers with multi-speed drivetrains, suspension seatposts and forks, fenders, and super cushy seats.  

Cruisers pack both comfort and style, and no cruiser is really complete until accessorized with personalized baskets, seats, bells, and covers. Customization is wildly popular in cruisers, including all colors, special paint details, modifications, and custom lights for maximum beach or street style.

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