Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cyclists Are a Unique Breed: Join the Fun at Bumsteads Bicycles

What do all your cycling enthusiast friends have in common? Uh, huh. They do tend to be really lean. Here at Bumstead's, we certainly believe in fitness equipment for the indoors, but we know that there are built in advantages to taking your fitness activities outside. Cycling seems to have a way of getting folks to their ideal weight and keeping them there. Some of the reasons:

1. Bikes are social: Almost every fitness guru and study will tell you that you will be more successful if you have the accountability of a workout partner and can add a social component to the plan. Unlike walking or swimming, there are dozens of ways to hook up with a friend or a group and hit the pavement or the pathways.
2. Bikes don't have to be social: You can ride alone, too. Whether that is your preference all the time, or whether you just can't find anyone to ride with today, riding alone is still a lot of fun.

3. You can vary the routine to almost any level you desire. Maybe you're happy to burn 60 calories an hour with flat riding at a medium pace. But if you want to crank it up, you can do some uphill spinning that will burn those pounds away quickly. Taking a three hour walk may seem like a big deal, but a three hour ride is easy for any rider.
4. Cycling is a super aerobic: Great for heart, lungs, oxygenation, and all with low stress to the body. Some riders may have minor pain on long rides to knees, back, or neck, but these are usually fitting issues that we can help you overcome.

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