Monday, May 7, 2012

Bike shop Ontario: Safe cycling please!

As owners of bike shop ontario, there is nothing worse than hearing that a cyclist in our community been injured or killed in a car-bike collision.
Image by Paul Krueger
When you come into our shop, we'll make sure you find a good helmet that fits well, reducing your risk of head injury by up to 85%.  But while helmets can help you survive an accident in tact, they can not prevent one.
We will also hook you up with good lights and a reliable bicycle, but those things are not enough either.
Sadly, most of the accidents that happen are not caused by cyclists breaking traffic laws, but by drivers who are not being careful and looking out for bicycles. So following the law, while encouraged, cannot necessarily prevent all accidents either.
The thing that statistically reduces risk of accidents is defensive bicycling...not putting yourself in the position where a driver's failure to see you could take your life. Austin cyclist Michael Bluejay has done a lot of research and put together this excellent website He makes his research, tips, and safety diagrams available for free use, so we will be sharing excerpts of the site in our series about the most common bike wrecks in the next couple weeks.

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