Monday, March 11, 2013

VIDEO- The All City Space Horse Road/Touring Hybrid

The All City Space Horse is Sometimes Called "A Bike For The Rest Of Us"

The main reason for this claim is the sheer versatility of the Space Horse. All City says, "This bike was made to get you into and out of trouble, to be your companion on exploration missions and all day benders, and to get you and your stuff around as quickly as possible.

Check out this video from Patrick O'Grady of Adventure Cyclist Magazine

A few of the features that really stand out are as follows. First, the geometry has been designed with longer chainstays and a lower bottom bracket for stability. So while it can be said that the Space Horse is a good all-around bicycle, it really resembles a road/touring hybrid bike. 

The next feature is the ability to run it single-speed or geared. All City placed semi-horizontal rear dropouts with tabs and adjustment screws to accomadate your choice. You can also add a rack to the frame easily, or a set of full fenders to keep clean in dirtier conditions. To make it even better, the bike has undergone an electrodepostion (ED) treatment that seals the 4130 chromoly steel frame inside and out prior to it being painted. The result is a beautiful, three-toned coat that will last for years and years.

As for components: Justin Steiner of Bicycle Times Magazine (and online here) says, "The Tiagra group works wonderfully, while the Tektro brakes are adequate in dry conditions. For the asking price, there’s a lot of utility in this package." 

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