Friday, March 15, 2013

We Give You an Inside Peak at Shimano's New Groupset 'Claris' Revealed                                                                                                 (909) 984-9067

Early Details Of The 2014 Shimano Entry-Level Road and Mountain Groupsets.

Say hello to the all new Claris, and the revamped Deore.

Claris is the name Shimano gave their new eight-speed road group, which does everything in it's power to continue that 'everything just works' Shimano Feel. 

The Claris is replacing Shimano's 2300 components, meaning it will have low gears since it is a beginner-oriented group. The choice between a 50/34 compact and 50/39/30 triple chainset options, and selection between the sprocket clusters of 11-28, 11-30, and 11-32 may be difficult, but you can be sure any combination you choose will work just fine.

Shimano placed much importance on improving front shifting quality and smoothness, further extending their philosophy of integration to their cheapest group. They accomplished this by designing the chain, chainrings, and front derailleur to work together better.

In order to accomodate different the different sprocket sizes, the rear derailleur is available in two versions. This adds versatility to the bike and ensures quality no matter what sprocket cluster you are using.

Shimano's high-end dual-pivot brake system is emulated in the Claris groupset, but with a chunkier look to keep the costs down, as well as one piece moulded brake pads rather than separate ones. 

The Claris groupset has levers with built in shifters (for flat bar bikes) as well as individual levers and shifters. Since the Claris will be Shimano's cheapest groupset, yet will contain many of the great features of the higher end componentry, it can very easily be used to dress up your current bike. The lever units now use the same design as the rest of the Shimano groups, making it much simpler to shift gears from the drops. 

Moving to mountain bikes, Shimano has redesigned its Deore group, once again improving the technology to make it more like the more expensive XTR, Deore XT and SLX levels.

Above all else, the new group is fitted with a Shadow RD+ rear derailleur, and new gearing options for larger-wheeled mountain bikes. It's got an internal clutch and is widely considered to be the best way to control a flapping chain. 

The new Shimano Deore offers chainsets with smaller rings to compensate for the gear increase caused by the larger wheels of 27.5in and 29er bikes. The new chainset options are 40/30/22, 40/28, 38/26 and 38/24, plus the 42/32/24 that was the only previous Deore offering.

"More Options" is a good way to describe this group, as there will also be a version for flat bar bikes with larger triples, slightly smaller sprockets and a conventional rear derailleur. Shimano is also introducing a Deore version of its Ice technology brake rotor which sandwiches an aluminium sheet between steel braking surfaces for better heat dissipation.                                       (909) 984-9067
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