Friday, December 4, 2015

Wet Weather Finally Arriving in California - Are You Ready?

Nine Tips for Riding Your Bike in the Rain

Climate experts have been talking about a resurgence of El NiƱo since the beginning of 2015. With January and February just around the corner, now is the time to make sure that you have made the right kind of preparations for the imminent "mudslides, heavy rainfall, one storm after another like a conveyor belt."

What can you do to make sure you stay as safe as you can on the road? Here are some tips we have gathered for you.

1. Don't Be Afraid


Rain is natural, and you will have to face it at some time. When that time comes, keep your wits about you and try to focus on the things that you would pay attention normally. Watch for new and old potholes, distracted drivers, and hurried pedestrians.

2.  Dress Appropriately


You should always be a little cold when your ride begins. Your body will produce heat soon after you start pedaling so if you're overdressed, you'll probably overheat.

Layering is most important. With two or three layers of clothing to work with, you can always adapt to your surroundings. Try using a base layer of synthetic fabric like polyester or nylon underneath wool or fleece, then a plastic poncho on top to keep you dry and comfortable.


3. Put Everything In Bags

Everything.  There is nothing more frustrating than reaching your destination finding all your clothes are wet. Don't risk ruining your phone, tablet or computer because of rainwater. Use plastic locking bags to make doubly sure that everything that needs to stay dry - stays dry.


4. Eyewear

Visibility is huge in the rain. Ski goggles are probably the best way to handle the worst weather conditions. People who wear glasses will often find them becoming foggy during their ride. Apply a light coat of gel toothpaste to your lenses before riding to prevent inconvenient fogging and keep your eyes on the road.


5. Maintenance 

Wipe down your bike, dry your chain to prevent rust and make sure everything is working properly. Regular safety checks are already important, but bad weather conditions make more frequent checks and wipe downs necessary. If you take proper care of your bike, your bike will take proper care of you.


6. Wear Gloves

You may already wear gloves in normal situations to protect your hands in case of a fall and to avoid skin irritation, but in wet weather they serve another purpose: keeping your hands from slipping off the handlebars.


7. Keep Away From Large Puddles and Flooded Intersections

This may seem like a no-brainer, but remember that no puddle is too small to hide a pothole. 


8. Use Your Lights All Day Long 

Always assume that drivers on the road don't see you, and take necessary actions to increase your visibility and stay as safe as possible!


9. The First Rain

The first time it rains in a while you should be even more careful, as the mixture of rain water and oils from the road make an extra slippery surface. It's probably best to avoid riding altogether in these situations. Wait a few hours for the oil to wash away, then grab your poncho and GO!

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