Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Bumstead's Top Bikes Under $500 (Kids Under $275) PLUS Maintenance or Accessory Discount

Bumstead's Christmas ListsBest Bikes Under $500!

Men's and Womens Recreational Bikes

Electra Townie- Womens

American Flyer Big Wave Cruiser

Sport Riding - Men and Women

 2016 Trek 7.2 FX

Mountain Bikes

2016 Trek Marlin 5 (Men's)

2016 Trek Skye S (Ladies)

5-8 Year Old Bikes

2016 Trek Jet 20

2016 Trek Mystic 20

2016 American Flyer Cruiser _Boys_

2016 American Flyer Cruiser (Boys)

2016 American Flyer Wave _Girls_

2016 American Flyer Wave (Girls)

9-12 Year Old Bikes

2016 American Flyer Wave

2016 Redline Romp

We are located at 1038 W. 4th St in Ontario, CA.
You can reach us by phone at (909) 984-9067

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  1. tough and rider friendly bike available in the country. Its dual headlamps cluster are based on Honda’s VFR model, thruster fixie