Thursday, September 24, 2015

Trickle Down Tech: Shimano Tiagra 10-speed 4700 Group

NEW For 2016- With 4 New Four-Arm Chainset, Updated Shifters and Under Tape Cable Routing

The Result? Improved Performance and Ergonomics

One of the most major updates is bringing internal cable routing to the shifters. The cranks also adopt the new 4-bolt pattern that, while high-performing, has be divisive especially as it has limited replacement availability at the entry-level. The new 4700 group comes in this new Meteor Grey finish.

The shifter body has the same compact shape as 105 and Ultegra. That means it has a recognisable feel if you’re coming from a bike with one of those groupsets, and if you’re stepping up from older Tiagra, well it’s a much nicer groupset to use.

The gears shift cleanly and smoothly. It’s a quiet groupset. Shift feel is perhaps a tad heavier than Dura-Ace or Ultegra. Shimano says it has revised the cable pitch on the rear derailleur, claiming it now offers “precise and long-lasting shifting performance”.

The double front derailleur gets the updated extended geometry with a longer lever arm for faster shifting that is now across the 11 speed groups. The triple front derailleur doesn’t get the long lever arm, but the linkage is redesigned and hollowed out for theoretically more stiffness and a bit less weight.

Rear derailleurs get smoothed over a little bit and again add the longer lever of the more expensive groups with the cable bolt moved past the P-knuckle pivot. This should yield better shifting and supports up to a 34 toothed cassette. It also puts the aesthetic a bit closer inline with 105, and less angular than the previous Tiagra 4600.

Shimano offers the new chainset, which borrows the four-arm design first debuted on Dura-Ace, in 53/39, 53/36 and 50/39/30 options as well as 50/34 Compact. There’s a choice of cassettes as well, and two rear derailleur options: one goes up to 28t, another right up to 34t.

The dual-pivot brakes look the same, but claim a 30% boost in power with better modulation. The flat bar shift and brake levers look to carry over from 4600 with just updated finishes to match. Hubs carry over too, in black or silver, hopefully with 11 speed compatibility.

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