Monday, September 28, 2015

INCREDIBLE Video Shows Slovakian Woman Ride A Bike Like You've Never Seen!

Artistic Cyclist Nicole Frýbortová krasojízda Does Some Amazing Things On Her Bike

If your jaw dropped when you watched this video, you can be sure you are human. An incredible mix of gymnastics, ballet, and of course cycling, Artistic Cycling has gone viral as a result of Nicole's breath-taking performance.

Incredibly, there have been Official World Championships since 1956, though Nicholas Edward Kauffman held an unofficial World Championship as early as 1888!

Nicole Frýbortová began devoting her life at the young age of seven. She vowed to enhance her artistic cycling skill to a level that is unmatched. Through exercises in Sokol Brno Řečkovice, she now competes in competitions worldwide.

Now 21, she represents the country of Slovakia and is presently preparing for nomination races and World Championships later this year. She has a dream on reaching the figure cycling elite- and we have a feeling she’s well on her way!

Without question, her years of dedication and training shine with her jaw-dropping stunts and
acrobatics on the bike. Competing since 2007, she has several East European championships under her belt. -

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