Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2014 Trek Remedy 8: Lloyd's Pick for Best 2014 MTB

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Lloyd from Bumstead's Bicycles is back to show you his newest personal bike, the 2014 Trek Remedy 8. Almost infinitely adjustable, this bike has many options to help the rider tackle technical trails in their own custom way.

The front fork utilizes a three part system labeled Climb, Descend, and Trail. This is a small lever located on the front and rear suspension that allows you to change the plushness on-the-fly.

Check out a recent video/blog post about the 2014 Remedy 9 HERE!

Trek included some other upgrades to the last rendition of the Remedy, including their rear derailleur which has seen improvements over the last few years. We all know too well that the rear derailleur is prone to hitting sticks, shrubs and small rocks, and in Lloyd's opinion, the newer designs offer more durability in those conditions.

Lloyd's favorite upgrade to the Remedy are the SLX brake levers. They now come with a smaller "two-finger" size lever. With hydraulic brakes, it's not as important to have an insane amount of leverage at your fingertips. This smaller design is not the only improvement, though. Following suit with the rest of the bike, the reach of the lever is easily adjustable.

The new 2014 Remedy 8 from Trek is Lloyd's pick for this year. If you're into something a little more aggressive than cross country or light trail — want it to take some big hits but still be able to help you get up the hills— the 2014 Remedy 8 is the bike for you.

If the Remedy 8 isn't for you, we have plenty of other great Trek bikes as well as BMX brands and much more!
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Video produced by Randy Kirk and Associates

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