Saturday, February 16, 2013

2013 Trek Dual Sport 8.1 Review - Road or Trail

2013 Trek Dual Sport 8.1 is the perfect bike for folks who need one bike that will take them on the road or the trail.

Get ready for this! The 2013 Trek Dual Sport 8.1 was really designed as an entry level bike for commuters, fitness junkies, and recreational riders. It is durable, reliable, and fast. Fitted
with Shimano parts permeate the entire frame, from the shifters to the rear derailleur.

This bike is not all business, though. It’s name is Dual Sport and it’s exactly that. Not only can you take this back and forth to work, or have some fun riding with friends, but you can also take it on some dirt trails or fire roads and know that it’s still going to perform well.

One of the ways Trek has accomplished this is by designing a 700c rim diameter to allow for a huge choice in tires. You can even add a more substantial tire than the stock 38c tires as a result of the amount of frame clearance on the 8.1 DS.

This year, Shimano has included the “mega-range” sprocket — giving you an ultra low gear for hills or offroading.

You can come to Bumstead’s Bicycles at 1038 West 4th St. in Ontario to take a test ride. You can also give us a call and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. (909) 984-9067

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