Friday, April 13, 2012

Mountain Bike Ontario-Suspension Guide Part 1: Hardtail-

Before buying a mountain bike in Ontario, its important that you understand your options for suspension. Your bike’s suspension is what absorbs the impact of rough road or trail, and allows your bike tires to stay in contact with the ground.
In this post we will explore hardtail bikes.
A hardtail is a rigid framed bike with front suspension only. These used to be the only bikes ridden in competitive mountain biking. Nowadays, some riders are opting for full suspension, and others stick with the simplicity of hardtail. People choose hardtail bikes because they are the lightest bikes available, they pedal efficiently, and because a good bike can be purchased for considerably less than its full suspension counterpart. They are low-maintenance, and some just prefer their straightforward engineering.
People who like daredevil jumps and stunts enjoy the hardtail’s durability and simplicity. These bikes also do well for off-road trails, single track, and racing.
Hardtail is still the favorite of many champion cyclists who love a responsive, light, no-nonsense ride. Many newbies to mountain biking prefer hardtail as a starter bike as their stiffness allows you to really feel the different terrain. They are also economical for those on a budget. Whatever style of bike you choose, always make sure it has good quality components. A cheap department store bike is really not up to this sport, so look to a local specialty shop to direct you to a basic bike that is a good investment over time. If you want all the latest and hottest components, we have top-of-the-line bikes in hardtail and full suspension, so whatever your style, you can have a championship-quality bike.
Watch our blog for part 2 of this post about full suspension.

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