Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Little Mountain Bike History from a Bike Shop in Ontario

Our century-old bike shop in Ontario, CA has seen some big changes in mountain bikes since we sold our first. Mountain biking began as an experiment. In the beginning the mountain bike was basically a modified balloon tire cruiser. As bicycle enthusiasts began taking bikes off pavement and down slopes, bike designers began to play with a model that could better withstand the evolving sport. The above shows the Breezer number one, the first special purpose mountain bike. The mountain bike has come a long way since then!
Today’s mountain bikes are made with high-tech outfitting and ultra light materials. Their geometry is engineered to offer maximum speed. Subtypes of the sport have emerged, each with their own bike modifications, including crosscountry, single track,
endurance riding, technical trail, and downhill.
We can help you find the right mountain bike for your ride style. We offer a variety of mountain bikes with quality components that will survive a thrashing and go the distance, unlike what you will find from discount or general purpose store. Check out the models we have on our website, in a range of styles, options, and prices.

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