Sunday, October 1, 2017

Revolve Easy Rider II Electric Bike Review

High Performance Electric Bike Disguised as High Performance Scooter... For a Fraction of the Cost!

The model we will be looking at today is the Revolve Easy Rider II. At first glance, it looks much more like a moped than a classic bicycle. This bike is actually somewhat of a hybrid between the two, but technically we can refer to it as an electric scooter. What differentiates the Easy Rider from other scooters is the fact that it does still have pedals, making it legally classified as a bicycle. This means that, at least in California, it doesn't need to be registered, you don't need a driver's license, and you don't have to have insurance. This is a huge plus in my opinion when comparing the bike to gas powered scooters.

What I like about this bike is a design that very much reminds me of mopeds and Vespa scooters. You can just get on it, put your feet up on the platform, and hit the throttle. It has very high performing front and rear brakes that will slow you down in a heartbeat. Its advantage over Vespas and other mopeds is that it is electric, so you stay much more ecologically friendly. It also has mirrors, lights, turn signals, and a horn; all the things you would expect when dealing with motorized transportation. There is a display in the middle of the handlebars that has a speedometer, odometer, and charge life, making your ride easy and informative.

The battery is hidden under the seat and is locked to prevent theft. You can unplug and remove the pack to charge or just simply lift the seat and plug it in to the wall. Just plug it in when you get home, and the next day you can go 25-35 miles on a single charge - which should take about four to five hours. It has a small little luggage rack on the back, as well as a back seat with pegs if you'd like to take a passenger with you.

This bike is great for getting back and forth to school, work, or running errands. You can lock the handlebars from being able to steer, but I would recommend also getting a good u-lock to lock up the rest of the bike. This scooter is only $1399 which is a bargain for what is basically a no hassle, ecologically friendly Vespa.
For basic transportation without added expenses, this is a great vehicle to have in the garage.

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