Saturday, September 2, 2017

Populo Sport Electric Bike REVIEW

Today we are showcasing the 2017 Populo Sport Electric Bicycle. Electric bikes are the new trend, maximizing efficiency in alternate modes of transportation. Populo is sitting at the forefront of this revolution.

Many electric bikes have not been able to fully master a great looking frame. With the Populo Sport, you won’t know you’re on an electric bike until you feel its full effects in your ride.


The Populo Sport is equipped with a Panasonic Lithium-ion 36V batttery. This battery allows for a range of at least 30 miles, giving you the ability to use the electric assist from day to day commuting all the way to a long ride.

Electric Assist

Although this is technically a single speed bike, the electric assist offers 8 assisted levels. As a result, the ride feels like a 24 speed road bike, allowing you to conquer the most intense climbs with ease. The max assisted speed is 20 MPH. You will be able to get from A to B on your bike faster than ever before.


Four frame sizes allow for a fine tune fit for various types of people. A Double Butted 6061 Smooth Welds frame gives an incredibly clean look so you not only ride fast, but in style. Additionally, the frame can clear up to 38c tires if you want to opt for a smoother, cleaner ride. The frame also has a braze-on if you’d like to add a rear rack, turning this bike into the perfect commuter. The fork also has a dropout to add a fender for when the rain and mud hits.

The bike comes in at 36 pounds for the medium size. Although you might think this is quite heavy at first glance, when you consider the added weight of both a battery and motor, it is relatively lightweight. This will allow you to zip around town, especially when you kick in the electric assist.


The Populo Sport is going for $995, making it a rarity in a market of electric bikes that are almost exclusively over $1000. When you weigh in all of the accommodations of electric assist plus the smooth ride, this price is an absolute steal.

If you’d like to test ride or purchase the Populo Sport or any of our other electric bikes we now have on the floor, come in today and we’ll get you setup!

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