Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bontrager Helmets Starvos, Solstice and Rally Now Have MIPS Technology

MIPS - Multi-Directional Impact Protection System - Sets a New Standard in Helmet Safety 

Developed by brain surgeons and scientists, MIPS helps reduce rotational forces on the brain caused by angled impacts to the head.

MIPS is a patented technology that adds a low friction layer between the head and the helmet, developed to add protection by reducing the rotational violence to the brain on angled impacts.

In a crash, the MIPS system allows the helmet to rotate independently around the head, redirecting impact energy, which can provide more protection in certain impacts.

Bontrager proudly offers MIPS versions of its Rally, Starvos, and other popular helmets in the endeavor to deliver great performing, exceptionally engineered equipment. And just like every 

Bontrager helmet, should a MIPS helmet be impacted within the first year of ownership Bontrager will replace it at no charge.

Helmets with MIPS technology include:

Bontrager Rally MTB Helmet

Bontrager Solstice Helmet

Men's and Womens Starvos Road Helmet

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