Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Are Disc Brakes Better Than Rim Brakes?


There Is A Clear Winner. Faster, More Reliable Braking In All Weather Conditions.

Have you been wondering whether disc brakes are more effective than rim brakes? Turns out, they are. 

Sure, you can get by using rim brakes on your road bike in most conditions. But in ALL conditions, including rain and low quality roads, you can count on disc brakes to stop you about 20 feet earlier than a rim brake.[source]*

5 Tips To Better Braking

1. Use Your Front Brake

If you yank on the front brake, you will flip over the handlebars. But, it is the most effective way of slowing the bike down. Don't be afraid of using it. Best practice is to have a light touch on both brakes at the same time.

2. Body Position

When you are stopping fast, your body weight needs to be in the correct place. The harder you brake, the further back you should put your weight. Straighten your arms and push your backside over the saddle.

3. Keeping Your Hands in the Drops

Learn how much grip you have. Road and weather conditions very and can play a big role in how much grip you have available to you. Skidding with your rear wheel isn't too serious, but you could be in big trouble if your front wheel begins to skid. Watch out for loose gravel, potholes, wet patches, and sandy areas.

4. Avoid Braking in Corners

Your tires will already be under stress from the physics of cornering. Adding more stress through braking is a recipe for skidding. You can apply the brakes very gently when cornering, if necessary.

5. Ride in a group

When riding in a group, braking sharply is often the cause of crashes.

Don't brake sharply, communicate with your group, and try your best to keep from braking to help the group stay efficient and safer in the long run.

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