Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tired of Flat Tires? VIDEO Demonstration of the BEST Tire Liner on the Market

Make Flats A Thing Of The Past

As you will see in the reviews that follow, nothing has yet been invented that stop 100% of bicycle flats.  However, RhinoDillos tire liners are now proven to be the most effective method to stop flats in bikes.

  • Cushions the tube using a softer but still flat resistant blue layer
  • Soft Tips and Rounded edges to avoid friction flats
  • 10% lighter than competition
  • Up to 2 times more thorn resistant than competitors
  • 9 sizes to fit most bikes


"Absolute Necessity" - Robert E.

"Won't ride without them." - Fred C.

"No more flats. Rhinodillos are going into all my bicycle wheel-tire setups from now on" - Robert B.
"Before Rhinodillos..two flats in 50 miles. After.. 500 flat-free miles and counting!" - Nayrevets, Amazon

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